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Create a home to be proud of with our high-quality products. From acrylics to woods we are fully stocked to make your dream home a reality, whether that’s a new splashback, greenhouse window, or bedroom wall paneling.

We have a fantastic range of products to suit your need or project as well as highly trained experts in fitting and installation for your next kitchen splashback.

Popular Products

Celebrating our most popular products, our wall panelling, Perspex® screens and Splashbacks can each add an element of personalisation to space, whether a kitchen, bedroom or commercial office. Our Splashbacks are vibrant, durable and with our fitting service is made all the easier to enjoy.

With our wall panelling, you can transform your living space into something modern and contemporary, and using our exclusive wall panelling calculator can be used to assist any tough measurements. Our durable high-quality clear Perspex® screens aid any space in providing consistent protection against the spread of diseases and viruses.


Our clear acrylic and Perspex® sheets make for fantastic alternatives to traditional glass at the fraction of the cost. With a light transmission of up to 92%, our clear acrylics are a durable alternative.


Find a great range of our acrylic mirrors all in one place. We have a variety of mirrors, perfect for in a home, as a feature to a garden, or as a child-safe way of decorating. Mirrors are a great interior design tool when used correctly, as they utilize the reflection of natural light, changing the feel of a room. This can include making a small room feel bigger and brighter or adding functionality and style.


Creating a statement with a plinth is a modern way of grabbing attention. Providing a modern contemporary look with a Greco-Roman heritage, plinths are a sophisticated way of adding a feature of elegance. Our plinths are available in square, circle, or hexagonal as well as in a variety of sizes to aid any feature in any environment.


As our many products mean there are many situations to use them, we have collated a series of our most common situations that we know are a great popular choice. Our clear acrylic table top protectors giving a longer life to your prized piece, to our light diffusers assisting any photographers or commercial installation, as well as our lawn edging and roofing sheets for those intending on utilizing our weather-resistant acrylics outside.

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Rated 4.8/5 on Feefo

Can't fault their service. All mdf arrived cut to specifications and in excellent condition.
Easy to use website with competetive prices. Cut-to-size items arrived in good condition, accurately cut and well packaged. Good communications throughout.
Excellent product, just what is needed to protect our garden table. Ordering process was easy and delivery was quick and efficient.
Every piece of MDF or plywood I ordered was perfectly cut, exactly to the specified dimensions and with smooth, sharp edges - far better than I have ever obtained anywhere else. All of the items were also extremely well-packed to prevent damage in transit. I won't hesitate to use Cut-My-Plastic again.

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