Lawn Edging

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A neat, well defined garden will save you hours of work and maintenance. That’s why lawn edging is so important. Using a product that won’t leach chemicals or preservatives into the soil and won't corrode and rust.

One solution that’s completely stable is plastic garden lawn edging. Plastic garden edging is suitable for any number of applications as it prevents grass encroaching into beds, it helps edging during mowing and reduces the need for strimming and weeding.

As well as creating a well defined, tidy border between grass and beds, plastic lawn edging will stop mulch and woodchip that you put on beds from slipping onto your lawn.

Plastic garden lawn edging is a flexible and reliable product that will enhance the look of any garden. Sectional, it comes in easily manageable lengths which are simple to put down with the minimum effort. Once in place they will save hours of work keeping lawn edges neat and tidy.

Plastic garden lawn edgings not only prevent your lawn from creeping into your beds, and your beds from overspilling onto your lawn, they also prevent edge collapse. Once your plastic garden edging is in place it will last for years as it is weather proof, UV resistant and requires no treatment, staining or creosote. Installation is easy and the edging can easily be cut to size with a hacksaw or saw.

As well as being easy and fast to install, it is equally easy and quick to remove and relay. If you decide to change the shape or size of your lawn or beds, nothing is easier than simply taking up your plastic lawn edging and re-laying it as soon as the new layout is in place.

Cut My Plastic offer a wide range of different plastic lawn edging products which will fit in with any style of garden. Our lightweight lawn edging is suitable for separating lawns from beds, it is easy to lay and takes no maintenance. We also provide more robust edging products which can be used to edge lawns where children and animals play, even to edge gravel paths. These edgings are incredibly hardwearing and durable, with a functional lifespan of many years, they are still simple to lay and will keep gravel paths from spreading and also keep soil, chippings and mulch from creeping onto your pathway. These edgings are especially useful to growers as they are so easy to install and keep paths stable and well defined. They are great dividers between beds and will maintain paths even during your most productive seasons.

All of our garden lawn edging products require no special tools to lay, they’re lightweight and simple to use and have a long life making them conveniently re-usable anywhere in the garden.