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Sneeze Screens

Bespoke, Self Assembly, Free standing


In todays world, hygiene is a topic at the forefront of everyone’s minds. That’s why Cut My Plastic are now offering Sneeze Screens suitable for all enviroments, including Retail, Office, Care Homes, our speciality is to deliver your bespoke needs.

Ideal to enhance the protection from coughs and sneezes for your employees and customers, adding improved protection from airborne viral transfer.

  • Our screens are easily cleanable, using either detergent or you can use our specialist screen polish.
  • They easily transported and easy to set up, offering you a degree of flexibility as to where and when you use them; thus, they are ideal for us in both office and retail environments.
  • Furthermore, during this ongoing crisis we are offering fast track delivery on any screen or other protective device, though please do mention this during order.

Currently, we are offering freestanding and one non-freestanding screens, both of which are customisable to fit your own personal needs whilst still remaining affordable.

OFFICES - Self Assembly Desk system

Our Desk System allows you to choose your desks depth and width, then to select how many desks you have in each pod. Allowing for our 5cm legs you can then customise your order precisely pod by pod, ensuring you match every desk . When you receive the system you need no tools to assemble each pod, as the screens come with slots and legs designed to slot together.

Screen Height

In the same way you can specify how wide and deep you want your screens to be our custom build process allows you to choose how heigh you want the screens.

  • We laser cut each element separatly.
  • Specify what cable or access holes you require on the specification page
  • No tools are needed to assemble your Desk System.
  • You can clean the system using Soap and water or our special Screen Clean details here.


SHOPS - Free Standing Sneeze Screens

The easiest way to meet the latest BRC Guidance, read Social Distancing Stores V1 April 2020, our custom made free standing Sneeze Screens are easy to assemble and easy to move.

British Retail Consortium Social Distancing Advice - ' Erect physical barriers at till points using flexiplastic to provide a barrier for those working on the tills. These should be included in store cleaning programmes.'

Hanging Trade Counter System

Where you have a large counter length, Our screens can be made upto 2m long, so if you have a 3.6m counter we can produce two screens of 1.8m.

You can specify holes to support hanging cables, precut access holes to allow product exchange or payment devices.


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