Acrylic Table Top

Acrylic Table Top

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Custom size acrylic sheet is a great solution for replacement table tops and table top protectors. If you have a glass topped table that you feel is unsuitable if you have children or pets then an acrylic table top could be what you are looking for. If you have an inlayed or decorative marquetry table top that you enjoy but feel needs protection then an  acrylic table top protector is exactly what you need.

Acrylic table tops are also great for use outdoor uses as they are impact and shatter resistant, weatherproof and available in a huge range of colours and finishes, all cut to size. Cut My Plastic even make table top replacements out of mirror finish acrylic in gold, bronze and silver for a stunning and distinctive talking point. As well as metal finishes, you can also choose from a dazzling array of colours and textures. Our replacement acrylic table tops and plastic table top protectors are made form hard wearing, heavy duty cast acrylic which means that not only do you get an incredibly strong, safe table top, it is light weight, making your table easy and safe to move, it is also scratch and chemical resistant. Cleaning spills and stains is just as easy as cleaning any other traditional table top.

Acrylic table tops and table top protectors are safer than glass as they won’t shatter if anything is dropped on them or they are knocked over. With an impact resistance ten times that of glass the same thickness, it doesn’t shatter. This makes it perfect if you’re planning to use the table where you have children or pets playing.

Just like glass table tops, if the edges of your replacement table top protectors are exposed, they can be milled or polished to suit your needs. Corners can be curved, making them safe to use anywhere in the home. Once the edges are polished they are as smooth and transparent as the surface of the table top. If the table top is to be set within an existing table and the edges are concealed, then no other polishing is required.

Like glass, our plastic sheets are available in a number of thicknesses, meaning that they will fit effortlessly into the pre existing rebate of your glass topped table. If you are replacing a glass table top and the original glass was self-supporting then an equal thickness of acrylic table top replacement will be required, however, if you are ordering a table top protector, a thinner sheet of plastic can be used safely. Acrylic table top replacements can also be drilled, allowing for fixtures, fastenings and fittings to be accommodated seamlessly. For example, if you’re covering a patio table top, a hole for an umbrella will be drilled if specified in your order.

All of our acrylic table tops and table top protectors are cut to order, and to your specifications. All you need do is let us know the table top dimensions you require and any special instructions, such as polished edges, curved corners and holes and we will cut your order accordingly. All deliveries are carefully packed and protected, ensuring that they arrive with you in the same perfect condition they left our workshop.