Gym and Dance Studio Mirrors

Gym and Dance Studio Mirrors

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Gym and Dance Studio Mirrors                    

Acrylic mirror sheets are an ideal alternative to using glass mirrors in gyms, dance studios or even your home. They provide a more cost-effective option that’s easier to install, safer and more durable than glass, with all the same clarity of a regular mirror.


Why choose plastic mirrors? 

When you’re working out at the gym or rehearsing a dance routine at a studio, it’s important that you can see what you’re doing to make sure you’re getting it right. The downside to using glass mirrors is that they’re far heavier than acrylic and can be hard to install as a result. They can also be easily broken which can lead to accidents and safety issues. Plastic sheeting provides a safer, cheaper and more durable alternative with the same great results as glass mirrors.


Plastic mirrors as an alternative to glass?

Acrylic sheet mirrors are a far cheaper alternative that offer the same clear reflection as glass but are more lightweight and flexible, and can be easily fitted. For less than the price of a glass mirror, you can get a much larger acrylic mirror, making this a more cost-effective option that’s easier to work with. Acrylic is up to 17 times more impact-resistant than glass, so there’s less risk of it breaking if it gets knocked. And if it does happen to break, it won’t shatter.


Where they can be used?

Mirrored acrylic is lightweight and versatile, so it’s ideal for using in gyms or fitness studios. Of course, this flexible material isn’t just limited to commercial spaces. It can also be used in home workout rooms, bathrooms and even the backs of doors to open up spaces and reflect more light into the room.


How to fit? 

Plastic sheeting is quick and easy to install yourself. Measuring accurately is important for easy installation, and be sure to remember to allow for any sockets or pipes so that these can be cut out ahead of time for you. When it comes to fitting it, you can either choose to drill the sheet to the wall using an appropriate drill bit (take your time when drilling with a slow speed to avoid cracking the acrylic) or using an adhesive glue. This is the most common choice for ease and simplicity – just check the surface is as smooth and even as possible for a more professional finish and a secure fit.