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If you’re looking for a way of adding a decorative touch to your home while still ensuring it’s practical, splashbacks are a great option. While the kitchen might be the first choice when it comes to thinking about cooker splashbacks, there are actually various areas of the home where splashbacks are beneficial. Splashbacks can also be incredibly useful for businesses and commercial spaces too, providing an easy to maintain and affordable addition compared to tiling or similar surface protectors. It's a contemporary choice that delivers good looks, versatility and practicality.

Cut My Plastic provides an easy to use service and high-quality splashbacks at competitive prices, as well as quick delivery so you can get started on your home improvement project as quickly as possible. If you’re in need of a specific shape for your splashback, take a look at our templates to find one that best matches your needs and upload it along with the dimensions when placing your order.

Where can splashbacks be used?

Because they can be cut to any size or shape, splashbacks are versatile for numerous areas of the home. They’re an effective way of protecting the surface beneath, such as bathroom or kitchen walls where water and splashes can damage the wall over time, refreshing the look of the area. Splashbacks come in a range of different materials and colours to suit the look of the room, including vivid colours, traditional glass-look acrylic and mirrored splashback effects that can be used to open up space.

Splashbacks are easy to maintain and keep clean, so they’re a great addition to kids’ bedrooms or playrooms, both in the home and for professional nurseries where hygiene is of the utmost importance. Not only can you choose solid colours, but you can also have images laser-printed onto acrylic sheets, so they’re perfect for adding a personal and decorative addition that kids will love.

Splashbacks are ideal for use in shower enclosures and around sinks and baths, as they provide a waterproof seal once put into place. They are also easy to wipe down and keep clean, which is important for areas where mould can build up. If you have a utility room or a wet room, adding a splashback to the wall is a way of making cleaning easier and stopping any water damage from occurring. If you have a smaller kitchen or bathroom, splashbacks with a mirror finish are great for reflecting light and opening up the space to make it appear bigger.

Splashbacks in the kitchen

While splashbacks are commonly thought of as an addition to behind a cooker or hob, there are some limitations with the type of material that is dependent on the cooker you have. Acrylic can’t be used behind a gas hob due to the temperature tolerance and the risk of heat damage to the plastic, but glass is a perfect alternative for a cooker splashback and can be closely matched to the acrylic used elsewhere in the kitchen, so no one will spot the difference. However, if you have an electric or induction hob, acrylic is an ideal material to use and will ensure your kitchen wall surfaces stay as clean, moisture-free and easy to maintain as possible.

Benefits of a splashback

Splashbacks are an easy way to update the look of your home without having to redecorate the entire room and spend a lot of money. They’re easy to install by a competent DIYer, so you could have a new look in your kitchen, bathroom or utility room in just a few hours and without the need to hire contractors to install it. It is also a quarter of the price of glass offering a cheap alternative.

Splashbacks are also easy to keep clean by just wiping down with warm soapy water, so they’re perfect for maintaining a hygienic home with minimal effort. Any area where water, spills or dirt builds up quickly can benefit from a splashback to help make cleaning easier and to protect the walls from grime and damage.

They can also be used as upstands, not just as an entire wall or as panels, to protect the area between the worktop and the wall, and to prevent water from dripping beneath the work surface. The durability of splashback materials means they’re a brilliant investment to your home or business and will last for many years without deteriorating in quality. Splashbacks are affordable and easy to fit by any competent DIYer, and the wide array of options available make them a versatile addition that you can use to update the décor of your home quickly and easily.

Acrylic as a splashback

Acrylic Perspex® sheets are a useful material to use for splashbacks as their hard-wearing and have great durability, so it will last for years. In addition to being impact-resistant, making it a safer choice than glass in the home, it will also keep its colour and won’t deteriorate with age. This is particularly useful for splashbacks that are made from brightly coloured acrylic or for splashbacks that have been printed with a design or pattern that you want to remain clearly visible for years to come.

Acrylic is also very lightweight, despite its strength, so it’s easy to fit and install with ease. It can be fitted either by drilling it to the wall or by using an appropriate adhesive to glue it securely to the surface. While glass and other materials may require more attention when it comes to cleaning, acrylic can be cleaned effectively with just water and a soft cloth, so it’s perfect for a low-maintenance addition to your kitchen, bathroom or utility room where hygiene is important.

Choosing acrylic with a mirrored finish requires a completely flat surface beneath, as acrylic isn’t as rigid as glass mirrors and this flexibility can cause distortions in the reflection, particularly with larger splashbacks. To avoid this and to ensure better visual integrity, you can either use thicker pieces of acrylic to reduce the flexibility or we recommend using sheets of MDF to provide a flat surface for the splashback to adhere to. All adhesive needs to be added to the mirror in a thin even layer to ensure there are no lumps and bumps.

Creative designs with UV-printed imagery

Splashbacks don’t have to be just one solid colour – there’s also the option to print any type of imagery onto them as well using UV printing techniques. Whatever colour, pattern or image you can think of, it can be printed onto your cooker splashback for a completely personalised and unique addition to your home or business. This flexibility when it comes to designs makes the options practically endless.

Popular options that we’ve created in the past have included ocean scenes with fish and coral for a bathroom splashback, abstract patterns and bold colour combinations for a contemporary finish, and fruits, flowers and vegetables for kitchens. We can also print spots, stripes, hearts, stars or butterflies and bees for a customised and colourful addition to a nursery that kids will adore. The sky’s the limit for design possibilities to suit your personality and your décor, so you can be as creative as you want.

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