Greenhouse Windows

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Why use plastic greenhouse glazing?

Cut My Plastic specialises in doing just that. We cut sheets of plastic to any size or shape you’re likely to need, either in or around the home or at your place of business.

One of the most popular uses for our acrylic and Perspex sheets is replacement greenhouse glass. Unfortunately, greenhouse glass is always prone to breaking and, since a lot of it is overhead, this can be especially dangerous. Moving tools in and out of the greenhouse, children playing nearby and pets can all damage or smash greenhouse glass which could end up falling over you or them.

One cheap, efficient and easy way to avoid this danger is using sheet acrylic as replacement greenhouse glass. Not only is it more durable than glass, plastic is UV and weatherproof too. Plus it has an impact resistance of up to 17 times that of glass, it’s lightweight, flexible and is far better insulation.

Reinforced plastic sheeting for greenhouses is lighter and safer than real glass meaning that your greenhouse can easily be moved. Dismantling a greenhouse can be not only tricky but dangerous and expensive if any panes do get dropped in the process of taking your greenhouse down or re-erecting it. By using plastic greenhouse panels, you’re eliminating that risk. Acrylic greenhouse glass is many times stronger than glass, and it’s light too, making an awkward, dangerous job simple and safe.

One of the problems with being an avid grower is that you always need tools close at hand. Unfortunately, gardening implements and greenhouse glass have a very troubled history, even the most careful gardeners have accidents and even replacing one pane can be costly and difficult. Yet replacing greenhouse glass with clear plastic replacement greenhouse glass is cheap and virtually effort free. Simply order the size of the replacement pane and we deliver a piece of plastic the perfect size which is both lightweight and flexible enough to fit in minutes. Because it is so strong, it is unlikely to break, even with the worst use, and if it does, it will not shatter into shards, instead it will simply crack safely.

As well as being easier to fit, the weight of the replacement plastic sheets for greenhouses makes using your greenhouse easier too.

Opening windows, doors and roof panes is easier when they weigh very little, and if you need to move your greenhouse seasonally, that can be done safely and easily too. If you do decide to replace all of your greenhouse glass with acrylic, you will need to be aware that growing times will change slightly too. Because plastic offers much better insulation than ordinary glass, you may find that growing cycles are longer, but you will need to monitor the temperature in your greenhouse as it will be marginally hotter than normal if you don’t adjust your ventilation accordingly.