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Statement of Tolerance

About Tolerance – Getting tolerance right

In the engineering world, tolerance is the amount of variation a product can have without losing its function. In plastic cutting terms it means the amount that your specification is allowed to be ‘off’ by.

Say you want a plastic sheet measuring 550mm by 550mm. Does it have to be exactly 550mm square or is there some leeway? It matters because the tighter the tolerance – in other words, the more accurate it is – the more precise the cut must be. Sometimes you may need a laser-cutting expert to get the tolerance close to 100% accurate.

There is also a tolerance to be aware of when thinking about the thickness of the sheet. Our extruded acrylic has a tolerance of +/- 3%, and our cast acrylic has a tolerance of +/- 10%. If you want to talk about tolerances, just give our friendly customer service team a call on 01903 389 024.


Figuring out the right tolerance for your cut plastic

We cut most of our plastic using a CNC or laser. We endeavour to cut as accurately as possible and as a result, our tolerance can be plus or minus 1mm. That means your cut sheet could be 1mm smaller than the size you specified, or 1mm bigger.

No matter who you get your sheet cut by, there's always a small difference between the required size and the cut size. For pinpoint accuracy, laser cutting with Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and a CO2 laser cutting machine gives the best results. We can do that for you. While our amazing laser cutting service won’t replace the saw method, it does mean we can make incredibly complex designs with ease.


How to avoid tolerance issues

Option 1: Many items you have in the home may appear completely square at first glance however, they often prove to be a little different depending on where you measure.  To get the most accurate measurements of your piece we would suggest measuring the dimensions in a couple of areas, and then submitting the shortest measurements to us for cutting.

Option 2: When submitting your order to us, make sure that you have measured the dimensions you require at least twice, to ensure you get the same measurements on both occasions. If you are measuring something to fit a frame, don’t order the maximum size, allow at least a couple of millimetres leeway.

When we measure and cut the sheets for you, we use a digital measuring tool. Remember that the tool you used to measure your shape may be slightly different - a kink or bend in a tape measure will affect the final measurement you take.

Our preferred unit of measurement is mm.

If you need a precise measurement, why not ask us to cut your Perspex sheet on our laser cutting machine?


What if a tight tolerance is essential?

Is it essential that your sheets are cut more accurately than the tolerances offered by us? If so please get in touch and ask us about our laser cutting service, where we can get down to an accuracy of 0.25mm.


Let's talk tolerance

If you're not completely confident with tolerance and would like to talk things through with an expert before finalising your measurements, we're always pleased to help. Just email us, use our contact form or give us a call on 01903 389024.

We're Here to Help

Our Customer Service Team is available Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm.

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Very helpful, gave good sound advise. The material arrived promptly and very well packaged. Cutting dimensions very accurate. Will use again.
After placing my order, the following day I re-checked the measurements of my project and found that I had mistakenly sent my order with the wrong sizes. I then went back to my order to make the necessary adjustments thinking that it was too late and would have to pay extra for the changes. However I was very pleased that there were no additional fees and that the staff were very helpful and understanding. My order arrived on the said date of delivery and was well packaged. The measurements were accurate and cut to the correct size. I was really pleased with the end product and how it completed my project. I would certainly recommend this company to my family and friends and will use them again. Thanks Mr Reid
I would recommend Cutmyplastic, they provided exactly what I was looking for. I was building a backscene for my model railway. I wanted material that was flexible, manageable, indestructable and easy to cut. It was all of these and easy to paint, too. No need to cover with paper.
First class service from a very knowledgeable young lady who gave me good advice as I had never bought anything like this before.. Had to remove one star as another person made a small mistake when processing my order, however it was swiftly rectified. Delivery was swift. I would definitely use Cut My Plastic again & recommend them wholeheartedly.

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