Garden Mirrors

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Garden mirrors are becoming popular in all types of homes, and garden designers all over the country are beginning to use large mirrors in their garden designs. There are both practical and artistic reasons to use a mirror in the garden, including maximising light and increasing the feeling of space.

Many city gardeners have a problem getting enough light into their gardens; it may be that there's only sunlight for a limited time or the sun might only shine in a part of the garden where it isn’t possible to take advantage of it. In order to get the most out of the light that falls in a small space, and to make it feel much bigger, garden designers are choosing to fit mirrors in their gardens.

Using real glass mirrors to achieve this effect would be incredibly expensive and quite impractical. Unlike glass, acrylic sheet will not shatter if struck. In fact, acrylic mirrored sheets are significantly stronger than glass, far more flexible and, if they do break, they simply crack without creating dangerous shards. Another advantage they have over glass mirrors is that they don’t rust or suffer from other kinds of water damage. They need no special treatment. They can simply be put up and cleaned with a cloth when they start to get dirty.

If you have children and pets that play in the garden a garden mirror might not be the most obvious answer to increasing light and space however, fitting acrylic garden mirrors is safe, decorative and practical. Because acrylic doesn’t shatter and it is lightweight and flexible, it is the perfect solution for those who want a garden mirror, but don’t want to use glass mirrors. It doesn’t matter if the kids are kicking balls around or throwing sticks for the dog, the safety of acrylic garden mirrors can’t be overstated when compared with glass.

As well as being safe, plastic garden mirrors are excellent value for money when compared with glass garden mirrors. Because mirrored acrylic sheet is so much cheaper than glass mirrors, you get a lot more mirror for your money. And since acrylic mirrors are so light and flexible, it is easy to put them up all by yourself. We cut all of our plastic sheets to order, and can cut holes if required for lighting and plumbing. Once your order has been cut, we then package your mirror to prevent any damage occurring before delivering your mirror in perfect condition throughout the country. All you need do is unwrap it, fit it in situ, remove the last protective film, and the job’s done.

Weatherproof and UV resistant, acrylic garden mirrors are perfect when you want to increase light and add more to your outside space. On top of this, acrylic is easily cut into any shape or size that you need. It can easily be drilled so you can attach it securely to a wooden frame, wall or any other supporting structure.