At Cut My Plastic we offer a broad range of mirrored acrylic sheets in a range of colours including silver, gold and bronze.

One of our most popular acrylic mirrors is the silver, because it is both practical and decorative. As it is flexible, lightweight, easy to cut, drill and shape it has many advantages over real glass mirrors. Another factor that is high on everybody’s list of priorities today is safety. Again, silver acrylic sheets outperform glass mirrors here too. Acrylic is extremely impact resistant, and, if it does break, it simply cracks without shattering into dangerous shards like glass does.

Being flexible and lightweight makes fitting mirrored plastic sheets far easier than traditional glass too. Once we deliver your mirrored plastic sheet you can easily move it yourself without any special equipment. Even our largest sheets only weigh a few kilograms, a fraction of the weight of glass mirrors of a similar size.

Custom acrylic mirror is practical throughout the home, as it has myriad applications. Large acrylic sheets can be used to clad walls and doors or to tank showers and wet rooms. It can be used as kitchen splash backs, shelves and surface protectors also look great when mirrored plastic is used as it not only makes a space look and feel much larger, but it makes the most of the available light too. As well as being lightweight and hard wearing, mirrored acrylic sheets are easy to clean too. A clean cloth is all you need to dust down the mirrored surface, or, if your mirror is being used in a wet room or kitchen, you can simply sponge down the surface and then squeegee it dry, leaving it looking as good as new.

As well as uses in the kitchen and bedroom, silver plastic mirror panels can be used for other applications too. A popular garden feature, it is UV and weather resistant, easily cleaned and safe with pets and children around. Using a mirror in the garden makes the space feel much bigger, transforms the space and increases the amount of light that your plants enjoy, particularly important if you enjoy light loving plants but you don’t get sun all day.

Because it’s safe and easy to install, silver mirrored acrylic sheet is also popular in gyms and dance studios. When you’re working out or practicing and rehearsing, it’s important to know that you’re body is moving correctly. Large mirrors help with that, but the cost of buying and fitting traditional glass mirrors used to be prohibitive. Today, if you have a home gym or studio, or you’re starting a new business and you want to keep overheads down, then our plastic mirrors are exactly what you need. We can deliver mirrored sheets up to two metres long and one and a half wide. Because they’re lightweight and flexible, they’re easy to fit. If you need any holes made to accommodate power outlets, light fittings etc, then let us know with your order and we will produce the mirror you need accordingly.