Polycarbonate Sheet

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Polycarbonate Sheet

Cut My Plastic provides a wide range of polycarbonate plastic sheeting which can be used for many projects in and around your home. From sheds and garages to greenhouses, cold frames and even secondary glazing, polycarbonate is a more hardwearing option compared to glass.


Why choose Polycarbonate?

Polycarbonate sheeting is available as a clear, solid sheet that is more than 290 times tougher than glass. It can be purchased in a lightweight, fire-resistant twinwall or multiwall option which allows it to have high light and low thermal transmission, meaning they’ll keep light and heat in. Not only is it UV and weather resistant, but it’s also easy to maintain and keep clean, so it will remain looking great for longer.



Solid polycarbonate is incredible strong, making it a versatile material to use in a number of DIY projects or for use in commercial settings. It can be used to replace glass in doors or windows for a safer and tougher alternative in sheds or children’s playhouses where it might get knocked. It’s ideal for using in greenhouses or for cold frames as it lets in plenty of light and is also weather resistant. It can also be used for carports, garages, as secondary glazing and skylights, or even swimming pool covers.


Replacement for glass?

Twin and multiwall polycarbonate sheets have the advantage of being incredibly light yet durable, and offer a flexible solution that isn’t as easy to break or damage as glass. It can be purchased in a number of thicknesses to suit your project too, making it suitable as a replacement for areas that already exist such as aluminum greenhouses. We supply bronze and opal sheets – bronze polycarbonate offers less transparency for using where privacy is required, while pearl sheeting diffuses light completely to allow light through without any visibility at all.

Polycarbonate sheets can be fitted in minutes and safely installed by anyone, as it is shatterproof and won’t break if it happens to be dropped. If you’re using it as secondary glazing or roofing, in places such as carports or as a swimming pool cover, it will require end closures, fixing buttons or tape – all of these can be purchased from Cut My Plastic when you place your order. It’s also easier to work with than glass. If you forget to let us know to allow for sockets or plumbing points, you can simply use a Stanley knife, saw or circle-cutter power drill attachment to cut the holes yourself.


Strength and durability?

Polycarbonate is popular for many applications around the home, particularly where children or pets are, due to its strength, lightness and the fact that its fire retardent. It can’t be smashed or chipped, is easily cleaned, replaced or removed, and allows an equal amount of light through compared to glass. For these reasons, it’s perfectly suited to use as glazing in the home and can be used to replace glass in particularly vulnerable areas such as doors or windows to increase security.