Cut My Plastic sells all types of plastic sheets, cut to size, at the best prices. We have a vast range of colours, thicknesses and finishes, meaning that whatever acrylic sheet cut to size you need, we can deliver.

When you're ordering your acrylic sheet (also known as Perspex®), all you need to do is let us know the size, colour, thickness and finish you need. Include any holes you want, for things like powerpoints or plumbing, and we will cut that plastic for you. We then send your order over next day via courier, carefully packed and wrapped, ready for you to install. Use it as a replacement shed window, a splashback, shower door, light diffuser or secondary glazing. The choices are endless!

Light Weight, High Impact Acrylic (Perspex® Alternative)

We are suppliers of polycarbonate and acrylic (also known as Perspex®) sheets cut to order. These plastic sheets are lighter than glass, have better impact resistance and are safe to use around children and animals. Our range includes mirror effect acrylic sheets which are perfect for use in gyms, fitness centres and dance studios. They can also be used in the garden as a design feature, enhancing both the light and sense of space.

Table Tops And Table Top Protectors

You can buy acrylic sheet (E.g. Perspex®) which can be used as a replacement glass table top where safety is a concern. Clear plastic sheets, cut to size can be used as a table top protector. Now an heirloom piece of furniture with engraving or marquetry can have a new lease of life under the protection of a bespoke cut and polished plastic shield. Alongside our clear acrylic sheeting, we also have glass effect plastic sheets which have that authentic green tint when looking at the edge of the plastic, keeping the look of real glass but preserving all the benefits of plastic.

Retail Display

We are experienced distributors of acrylic (also sold as Perspex® and Plexiglass) cut to size, and extruded acrylic which is perfect for signs and displays for home and retail. Being unaffected by UV, as well as being weatherproof, our cut acrylic sheets are perfect for illuminated signage and outdoor displays, as well as for cabinets and shelves. Because cast acrylics have a low softening temperature they can be easily moulded. A keen DIYer can, using basic tools, easily create new forms from their plastic sheeting. Perfect for a huge variety of projects.

Light Fittings and Discreet Secondary Glazing

We have pearl and translucent finish acrylic sheet which, again, is brilliant for displays and signs, however, it can also be used for fluorescent light fitting diffusers, and secondary glazing where you want as much light as possible, while avoiding the eyes of passers-by.

Shed And Playhouse Windows

Cut acrylic sheet has many fun applications too. A play house fitted with acrylic glass becomes a warm, bug free environment for children to play in without the associated dangers of window glass. Putting plastic sheet glazing into a Wendy house means that it can also be used to store toys and play equipment over winter, instead of taking up space in a shed or garage.

Wipe-Boards, Splashbacks, Signs and Displays

Cut My Plastic also stocks a range of opaque acrylic sheet in a range of colours, including black or white. These are perfect for use as wipe-boards, splashbacks, signs, displays and cabinets, table tops and wet room tanking.

Your Plastic, Cut To Order

When we cut plastic to order our saw-cut sheets have a tolerance of +/- 3mm. Once the plastic has been cut we can also bevel the edges, polish them to a glass-like finish and round off corners. Simply place your order, advising us of all your bespoke requirements. We'll take care of the rest.