Kitchen Splashbacks

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Kitchen Splashbacks              

Attractive, easy to fit and affordable, acrylic kitchen splashbacks are perfect for changing the look of your kitchen with ease. Splashbacks are a practical addition to your home, providing a simple way to clean up the spills and splashes from cooking without damaging or staining your walls. And with a range of colours to choose from, you can add style with minimal effort.                     


Is acrylic suitable for my kitchen?

Acrylic is ideal for use in kitchens – it’s a durable and impact-resistant material that won’t deteriorate over time, ensuring that it keeps its colour and appearance. It’s easy to maintain, as it can be kept clean of grease or spillages by simply washing with soapy water, making it a more hygienic option. If you are looking for a splashback to be used behind a cooker or hob we would recommend looking for a heat treated glass alternative if the temperature is going to exceed 160°C. Along with our mirrored splashbacks, there is also a wide variety of colours to choose from to suit your colour scheme.

For the ultimate stability, splashbacks should be from 3mm in thickness for a smaller area or 5mm thick for larger panels. You can create a uniform look to your kitchen by option for a splashback that extend the full length of your work surfaces.


Using acrylic

Acrylic is easy to install yourself as it is lightweight and safer than trying to fit glass, which can easily crack or shatter. The ideal surfaces for fixing acrylic to are tiles, moisture-resistant chipboard or wooden panels, or plaster and stone or concrete walls which have been prepared with a sealant. This will ensure a smooth surface for the splashback to fix to.

You can fit the splashback using either a strong adhesive or by drilling it into the wall. If you decide to drill the splashback, make sure that the drill bit you’re using is designed for use with acrylic to ensure you don’t damage the material, and drill the holes before you fit it to the wall to avoid cracks.

To measure for your splashback, first check the sizing of the largest area and then measure the smaller areas. Check for any sockets or taps which will need allowing for when cutting – to measure the exact location, find the centre of the area and then measure outwards for a precise fit. Remember to allow a 2-3mm gap around all sides of the splashback, as well as 6-7mm (or the precise thickness of the connecting sheet) on adjoining corners so that the seams and edges fit perfectly.