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Black Floating Shelves

£29.99 Inc. VAT

Our floating shelves are custom made to your exact requirements and made of black melamine MDF making them wipeable and waterproof. The shelves are perfect for alcoves as they can be sanded down or planed to fit uneven walls.

Invisible brackets are supplied (excluding screws). Shelf sold individually, not as a pack.

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Max: 2400mm
Max: 250mm

Approximate Weight: 756.42 g

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£29.99 Inc. VAT
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Black Floating Shelves Details

Black floating shelves will complement your dark décor perfectly and can blend in beautifully as if barely there. If you’re looking for a lighter alternative to blend into white walls take a look at our white floating shelves. Have the perfect colour in mind? We also offer made to measure paintable floating shelves which have been professionally primed ready for your chosen paint.

Made of melamine-faced MDF your black floating shelf will have waterproof and scratch resistant properties. The FSC Certified Medite MDF construction results in a strong, long-lasting product which won't warp over time. We start with a solid core and then hollow out the middle for weight reduction. This results in an ideal solution for alcove shelving that fits perfectly as the sides can be sanded and planed down to fit against uneven walls.

To give the illusion of floating on the wall, invisible brackets are included with your order. You can choose between adjustable plate brackets with shelves thicker than 25mm, which can be adjusted for levelling, ideal for plasterboard, masonry or woodwork or standard screw brackets which are available for all thicknesses and suitable for masonry walls only and cannot be adjusted. Our customer support team are on hand to advise on installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can black floating shelves hold much weight?

This depends on the size of the shelf, the wall material and the brackets and fixings used.

Unfortunately we cannot tell you how much weight yours can hold as each one is made to measure and therefore the weight capacity will vary. Whether you are fixing to masonry, plasterboard or woodwork and the size of screws you choose will also affect the max load.

To hold the most weight we recommend fixing to a masonry wall with adjustable plate brackets and at least 50mm screws and wall plugs. It will hold considerably less weight if fixing to a plasterboard wall or studs.

Whatever the wall material or fixings used, it’s important to ensure weight load is evenly distributed to make full use of the weight capacity.

Are black floating shelves strong?

Again, this depends on the size, the wall material and the brackets and fixings used.

For example if it is 1000mm wide x 300mm deep, fixed to a masonry wall with our adjustable plate bracket and 50mm screws, it would be very strong and would likely hold up to 26kg of weight.

Using smaller screws and fixing onto studs in a plasterboard wall will reduce the strength considerably.

Why should I buy black floating shelves from Cut My Plastic instead of IKEA or B&Q?

As well as being able to buy the exact size you need, our black floating shelves are a superior quality, made with FSC Certified Medite MDF. We start with a solid core construction and then route out some of the inner core for weight reduction. Cheaper high street alternatives are a hollow construction made of thin faces with a grid like structure which is prone to warping and sagging.

Our Medite MDF construction makes them strong and long lasting, it also allows you to sand, plane or cut them at home so that they fit perfectly into alcoves with uneven walls, this isn’t possible with those you can buy in store. The cheaper alternatives also have a black laminate veneer which can peel off over time, whereas ours are professionally primed and painted black.

Can you buy a black floating shelf deeper than 300mm?

No, unfortunately due to the stability we cannot supply one deeper than 300mm.

Are brackets included?

Yes, brackets are included. If you choose adjustable plate brackets, screws and wall plugs are not included. Please ensure you use the correct size screws and wall plugs for your wall material. For masonry walls we recommend at least 50mm screws and wall plugs.

What brackets should I choose?

Adjustable Plate Bracket:

  • Suitable for woodwork, plasterboard, or masonry walls
  • Screws and wall plugs not included
  • Micro adjustments available for levelling

Standard Screw-Type Bracket:

  • Suitable for masonry walls
  • A simple installation that requires no additional hardware

How many brackets will I receive?

This will depend on the length and depth; we will supply you with the correct number of brackets leaving no more than 600mm between brackets.

Does this product come with screws?

No, if you select the adjustable plate bracket you won’t receive screws or wall plugs. For the standard screw bracket the screw is a part of the bracket and the wall plug is provided so no extra hardware is needed. If using the adjustable plate bracket please ensure you purchase the correct screws and wall plugs for the wall material.

Can you put black floating shelves on plasterboard?

This is not something we recommend as the load capacity will be significantly reduced. If your only option is to fix to plasterboard, where possible fix to the studs and noggins in the wall for greater stability. If you cannot fix to the studs use specific fixings for plasterboard walls such as spring-loaded toggles or metal self-drill plasterboard fixings. Please choose the adjustable shelf bracket as this is the only bracket we supply that is suitable for plasterboard walls.

Can you put the holes for brackets exactly where I need them?

Yes we can. Please email info@cutmyplastic.co.uk or call our customer services team on 01903 389024 with your requirements.

How do you attach them to a wall?

Using invisible brackets, these are screwed into the wall and then the black shelf slots over the rods to appear as though it's floating.

Is it hard to install black floating shelves?

No, not at all, simply attach the bracket to the wall and slide the black shelf on to the bracket. Please ensure you check the wall is clear from any electrical cables or plumbing before screwing the bracket to the wall. For best results use a spirit level when determining where the brackets should be fixed to the wall.

Will they warp over time?

This is highly unlikely because we start with a solid core construction and then route out some of the inner for weight reduction. Cheaper versions available in high street stores will warp over time as they are just thin faces with a grid like structure creating the hollow interior.


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