Floating Shelves and Brackets

Floating Shelves

The current trend shows floating shelves to be a very popular style of shelving. Their smart, sleek and elegant design allows for a streamlined look which, depending on colour, can result in a discreet or standout contemporary display. Match the colour of your wall with a bright white finish and it will sink into the wall with only the artefacts placed upon the shelf visible, or choose our paintable floating shelves so perfectly match that bright accent colour you’ve used elsewhere throughout your home.

These use near-invisible brackets which slot inside the shelf itself so as to allow the shelf board itself to be the only visible component. Available in multiple finishes, including bright white and oak real wood veneer, our floating shelves can be used in all sorts of environments to match a wide breadth of decor environments.

Constructed from a Medite MDF core, these should show no signs of warping. Our white and black floating shelves are professionally primed and painted in hardwearing paint for a perfectly smooth and relatively matte finish. The oak and walnut floating shelves are made from Oak Veneered MDF and Walnut Veneered MDF respectively. They are then finished with a semi sheen lacquer. If you would prefer to have them unfinished, please contact us and we can accommodate.

Floating Shelf Brackets

We do supply floating shelf brackets with our floating shelves, but they are also available separately. They do not come with screws as you will need to determine what type of screws are most suitable for your wall material. As there are multiple types of floating brackets, you are required to choose the one most suitable for your wall material on the product building for the shelf.

The number of brackets provided will vary depending on the width of your shelf. The shelf depth minimum and maximum dimensions are determined by the floating shelf bracket length. If you require a particular size that isn’t available, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will see what we can do to assist you.

If you’re unsure which type of floating shelf bracket to use, here’s a quick cheat sheet:

Adjustable Plate Bracket:

  • Suitable for woodwork, plasterboard, or masonry walls
  • Screws and wall plugs not included
  • Micro adjustments available for levelling

Standard Screw-Type Bracket:

  • Suitable for masonry walls
  • A simple installation that requires no additional hardware


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