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We have created a basic calculator to assist anyone in ordering wall panelling. Please note that while this calculator is accurate, we are not liable for any mistakes it makes, and you should always check any maths yourself before ordering wood panelling - please also check the illustration below as a reference for using this tool.

Similarly, if you require further assistance, do contact a member of our team via email or phone and they would be happy to assist you in ordering any wall panelling.

To Use:

  • First, measure your wall and type your measurements below - please note all measurements are done in millimetres.
  • Decide, and insert how many inner wood panels you require. Wood panels are the square panels inside the wooden strips. Please see the example image below for how to determine how many wood panels you require. In our example, we did two rows and five columns.
  • Determine and type the width of your wood panelling strips. As default we recommend 100mm, though the thickness of the MDF board is entirely up to you. We think either 6mm9mm or 12mm provides a good balance between depth and a clean chic look
  • See your calculated order results below.
  • Order your panels following the specifications calculated.

Panel Calculator:

Example Order Visualiser:

example order


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