Due to high demand some clear Acrylic is now unavailable - Click here for product availability

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Due to high demand some clear Acrylic is now not available - the products below have good availability:

3mm Clear HIPS Sheet - Ships with 48 hours

High Impact Polystyrene (HIP’s) is designed for functions that require enhanced impact resistance. And can be used where it’s impact strength twice the impact strength of standard Acrylic is useful, signage, window glazing. It is easy to fabricate and install.

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3mm Clear IMPACT Modified Acrylic

Impact Modified acrylic is ideal when you want a panel with twice the impact resistance of standard acrylic. Also it is useful when you have a use where higher maximum service temperature is required.

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3mm and 5mm FROSTED Acrylic

With a Matt finish on both sides, Frosted acrylic offers a similar effect to sand-blasted or acid- etched, and is ideal for use when you want limited light to pass through without offering glass style transparency.

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3mm and 5mm DARK tint Acrylic

Tinted acrylic is perfect for uses where you will be cleaning it on a regular basis making ideal for hygienic environments, such as kitchen splash backs, display cabinets and is ideal when you want light to shine through with a touch of colour.

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5mm and 10mm GLASS look Acrylic

If you want to replace a Glass panel with something more resilient, the Glass “Look” cast acrylic sheet even has a slight green tint, and is more cost effective and offers a higher performance throughout use.

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6mm and 12mm Polycarbonate

Impact resistant Acrylic is up to 10x stronger than glass, is shatter resistant and doesn’t age making it ideal for use in a wide range of indoor and outdoor commercial and DIY projects.

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3mm and 5mm Fluorescent Orange Acrylic

Limited stock available at this price, when you want to add some zest to your screens, our Fluorescent Orange is transparent and hard wearing.

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