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CNC Turning

At Cut My Plastic, we offer CNC turning services that can be used to produce large or small batch plastic-turned parts from a host of different industrial and engineered plastics. We offer a wide range of materials to suit a variety of applications, including Perspex and acrylic, polycarbonate, nylon, acetal and polypropylene. We take pride in delivering a high-quality service and quick delivery times without it affecting the standard of product you receive.

The inherent qualities of each type of plastic changes along with the tolerances associated with various materials, which affects how they’re manufactured and fabricated. Using the right techniques and tools for each material is key to producing an excellent finish to the final product. Our skilled team can provide you with professional, technical advice if you’re in need of assistance, to ensure that the product you receive exactly meets your specifications.

We offer CNC turning services for all of your two- and three-dimensional product needs, putting our knowledge and skills into practice to create first-class items. The process couldn’t be easier – simply upload a CAD file and choose the material and quantity you want produced, and we’ll do the rest. We provide a fast delivery service, so you can make use of your items as soon as possible.

Our Other Services

Plastic Fabrication

Our expertise enables us to develop any design through our plastic fabrication services.

CNC Engraving

Using a top of the range CNC engraver, we can create bespoke engravings to any surface.

CNC Routing

We offer high-quality CNC routing services to meet your exact specifications.

CNC Milling

We produce designs to a high level of accuracy using state-of-the-art milling machinery.

CNC Machining

We offer high-quality CNC machining services to create your bespoke items.

What can Cut My Plastic do for you?

  • Our highly skilled machinists ensure your plastic components and parts are manufactured in the most efficient and affordable way.
  • We provide competitive pricing and a wide range of material options to choose from for complete flexibility.
  • Combining the latest equipment and our many years’ worth of expertise, we’re able to develop any order to an incredibly high standard.

What does CNC turning entail?

CNC turning is an involved engineering process used to create plastic parts and components and works in a similar way to the traditional lathe. Using state-of-the-art equipment, CNC turning has the capability to produce high-quality and precise parts which can be used in a range of industries.

Plastic CNC turning creates different parts by ‘turning’ or rotating a rod while a cutting tool is held against the material to remove excess material and create the final parts. The lathe efficiently machines the parts in a subtractive process. With this method of turning, the tools can be fed into the rotating material at different angles, with different options for tool shapes available as well. The turned parts can be either left as they were machined or polished afterwards for a smoother finish that’s devoid of tool marks.

Turning can be used to great effect for creating complex one-off parts and prototypes, as well as high volume production of different plastic components. CNC turning can be used for a number of products and parts, in particular for items such as bearings, washers, nylon screws, medical devices, aerospace components and bobbins. It can also be used to machine features such as radial holes, grooves and slots. CNC turning can create shapes with plain, taper, contoured, fillet and radius profiles, as well as threaded surfaces.

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