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9mm Birch Plywood Sheets

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We offer a variety of plywood for your project which we can cut to any size or shape on our CNC router for a high level of precision and exact repeatability. Whatever shape or design you have in mind, we can cut it – all you need to do is send us your CAD drawing or a sketch, and we can create it. In addition to cutting any shape or curve into your birch plywood sheets, our CNC router can be used for rebating, pocketing and hole cutting. There is also the option of laser cutting and CNC engraving to choose from. 

If you’re looking for a great surface material for printing, birch plywood sheets offer a fantastic result. Using state-of-the-art UV printers, we can print full sheets of plywood in one go, providing a consistent finish with a quick turnaround time. We currently only list 8x4 sheets (2440x1220mm) but we’re able to purchase and cut sheets of up to 2000x3000mm, so get in touch with our team today to discuss your requirements. And with optional next day delivery, your products can be with you fast. For larger orders, we have our own transport service which operates throughout most of the UK. Got a bigger project taking place? Contact us to discuss bulk discounts and regular supply orders. 

A durable and versatile material, 9mm birch plywood is well-suited to a host of different uses and projects in the home and in commercial environments. The smooth surface has a rich sheen to it that makes it an appealing wood to use in decorative features as well as for structural purposes. Birch has a consistent and unblemished finish that is pale or yellow in colour, but it also takes well to stains and dyes for increased flexibility and a variety of finishes. 9mm birch plywood is a dense and durable material that is strong, while also having the benefit of being lightweight so it’s easy to work with.


9mm Birch Plywood Grades

Birch plywood is available in a variety of grades and we offer the grades listed below. For more information about the types available, please see our plywood grading guide.

The birch plywood that we offer comes in high BB/BB grade which provides a clear and smooth surface and is best-suited to applications where the appearance of the wood is important or for printing onto. Please note that bb/bb grade can have plugs on either side of the sheet, if you are clear finishing and require a plug free finish then please ask us about higher grades.


Advantages of 9mm Birch Plywood

Birch plywood sheets are often chosen for its aesthetic properties, in addition to its strength and durability. The layering process used to form plywood gives this affordable and cost-effective material incredible strength so it can be used for a host of different uses without cracking. The smooth surface that is free from knots and jagged edges make it a much safer material that won’t splinter as easily as other woods, so it can even be used for applications around the home, such as tables, chairs or storage containers. For those looking to save cash and utilise the budget elsewhere in a project, birch plywood is a brilliant option that won’t break the bank but still delivers a high-quality finish. Birch also has an environmental benefit over other types of plywood, as it’s a fast-growing species of tree that is easily renewable, so it leaves less of a carbon footprint – a great benefit for the environmentally-conscious consumer. Our other most popular sizes are 12mm birch plywood and 18mm birch plywood.


Applications of 9mm Birch Plywood Sheets

9mm birch plywood can be used for a wide variety of applications, including general joinery, shelving and storage such as boxing in pipes and cold storage containers. Because of the added thickness providing strength and stability, it can also be used for benches, concrete framework, garages, sheds and even linings for vehicles such as vans and trailers. Birch plywood can be used for interior and exterior applications, thought it does require a treatment or sealant in order to be used outside in order to protect it and enhance the lifespan of the wood. This plywood can also be used for signage, both for interior use such as door signs or directional signage, as well as for exterior building signs.

We offer bespoke cutting services so you can order your plywood to any size or shape to suit your needs. We also offer marine plywood, hardwood plywood and softwood plywood.


Material Wood - Plywood
Finish Birch
Available Thicknesses 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 18mm
Maximum Sheet Size 2420mm x 1200mm
Minimum Sheet Size 100mm x 50mm
Plywood Grade BB/BB
Manufacturers Tolerances +/- 10% plus 0.4mm (e.g. 5mm cast sheet could vary from 4.1mm to 5.9mm)
Cutting Tolerances +/- 1mm

Frequently Asked Questions

What is birch plywood used for?

Traditionally birch plywood sheets lend themselves for use in decorative projects, furniture such as tables, chairs, or finished cabinets. As it’s an aesthetically pleasing material, birch plywood sheets are also well-suited to applications such as tables, shelving, cabinetry or signs.

Is Birch ply waterproof?

Birch plywood is unfortunately not waterproof as it is made from layers of birch veneers. For our best water-resistant sheet see our Marine Plywood sheets. 

Is birch plywood good for cabinets?

Birch plywood is perfect for cabinets as it is a very aesthetically pleasing material as well as great to manipulate into the desired shape or application.

What thickness is birch plywood?

We offer birch plywood in thicknesses 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 18mm. For more information on how best to make use of your varying thicknesses see our Guides.

How do you finish birch plywood?

Birch plywood can be finished with lacquer or varnish. Birch plywood is also ideal for painting, staining or glueing.

Can you paint plywood?

You can paint plywood, but be sure to use primer, as plywood will absorb more paint than you would expect so the primer seals the plywood, and allows it to take to the paint more easily keeping your surface smooth and sealed.

Can you bend plywood?

It is possible to bend plywood. There are numerous ways of bending plywood, but if you are after a sheet that cannot be bent, look at our MDF sheeting.

What is plywood used for?

Plywood can be used for a wide range of versatile structural applications whether interior or exterior, from furniture to internal panelling.

How strong is plywood?

Plywood is relatively strong as it is numerous layers of wood pressed together. For a stronger piece of plywood, look for 5-ply or multi-ply sheets as these will have more layers, and thus more strength.

What are the types of plywood?

We sell a variety of types of plywood, including softwood, hardwood, marine, and birch, all of which have specific characteristics and will aid specific projects. For more information on the respected types, read their descriptions at the bottom of their product pages.

Can I cut plywood?

It is possible to cut plywood yourself, but we are able to do it for you if you request at the point of ordering. To do so yourself please follow safety procedures, and use a sharp saw else you risk the sheet breaking.

How is plywood made?

Plywood is made by glueing a series of thin veneered sheets of wood together. Each adjacent layer is rotated by up to 90 degrees to reduce the risk of splitting when nailed in at the edges. This technique, referred to as cross-grain, improves strength, stability and prevents warping, making it an excellent general-purpose construction panel.

How do you seal plywood edges?

Plywood should be sealed to prevent moisture from affecting the sheets and causing warping. The sealant you use will depend based on how you intend to use the plywood, but you should use something quick-drying and can withstand all temperatures, and be compatible with paint if you intend to paint your plywood.


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