19mm Walnut Veneered MDF

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Max: 1200mm

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For a high-quality polished finish, our crown cut veneered real wood American walnut MDF elegantly adds an American walnut finish to our 18mm standard MDF core. The result is similar in quality to alternative veneered plywood, enhanced by the uniform and colour of the real American walnut veneer.

American black walnut is a dark wood that has a rich, attractive coloured grain. Compared to our Sapele wood, American black walnut has a blacker tint as opposed to Sapele’s reddish tones. Originating in Northern America, Black Walnut wood has become synonymous with luxury often used as a complementary wood to draw attention to areas of manipulated lighting or to contrast against lighter materials. 

Despite having a coarse texture, the wood is capable of being manufactured and altered, taking well to adhesives, paints, polishes and dark vanishings. 

Our popular American walnut veneered MDF is made up of an excellent quality real American walnut wood veneer which is bonded to our standard MDF. The core is an 18mm MDF core, with a 0.5mm laminate veneer applied to both faces. By right angle slicing the real American walnut, we produce a crown cut veneer which gives a recognisable great iconic grain for the veneer which can be customised in direction for your American walnut veneered MDF board.

As an adaptable material, our American walnut veneer MDF boards are versatile for office furniture, kitchen cabinets, shelving, panel mouldings, dining sets, fire surrounds as well as being perfect for being stained and painted.

Due to its smooth and stable faces, MDF is also used for decorative wood or laminate veneers and it can easily be drilled and cut to specific sizes. With our CNC machine, we are fully equipped to customise your American walnut veneered MDF to be cut to size, or with any measurements or requirements, including preparing for fixings with screws or nails.

The lightweight MDF sheets are also easy to mark up for cutting, or sanding down, and can be cut to various shapes and forms with ease using an electric saw, router or handsaw. If you wish to further cut your MDF European American walnut veneer sheets, see our guide, though note that correct protection such as dust masks and goggles should be worn when handling MDF.

MDF is manufactured from wood fibres, mixed with resin and waxes which are then hot pressed to the required thickness. These wood fibres are sourced from environmentally friendly forest thinnings, recycled wood or pallets, and sawdust. All our suppliers provide FSC and PEFC certification.

Our pure American walnut veneer MDF faces are a cleaner and decorative option for aesthetics that can be stained to darken it and used as if it was a piece of solid American walnut, all the while, the sturdy and stable MDF core keeps it flat and strong.



Strengthened with our 18mm MDF core, our American walnut veneered sheets are sturdy and stable for all uses from furniture to panellings.


As a far cheaper alternative to solid wood, our veneered MDF boards are an accessible option for those wanting to give the strength and looks of solid pure wood.


Keeping your veneered MDF boards clean and hygienic can be achieved with ease, as all that is required is a microfibre cloth and a standard wood polish. 


As a result of the 18mm MDF core being compressed wooden fibres, our veneered boards weigh significantly less than a solid American walnut sheet of comparable size. This makes it an attractive option for furnishings or as part of a wider installation as it is easier to handle, transport, handle and install.


Our veneered MDF American walnut sheets are easy to fabricate and can be cut, drilled and shaped to any requirements, so are a flexible, and attractive material to work with. The edges of the sheet can also be customised with an additional 0.5mm veneer to provide that professional outward-facing edge


We have numerous installation guides for your next project involving MDF veneered panels including shelving and wall panelling. While we do recommend that you hire a professional to aid any installations, check them out for advice or ideas on how to complete your project yourself.

Applications & Uses

  • Furniture and furnishings
  • Panelling
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Shelving
  • Fire surrounds
  • Radiator covers
  • Interior decorative projects



Material Wood - MDF Core & Real Walnut Wood Faces
Finish Walnut Veneered (Unfinished Edges)
Available Thicknesses 19mm
Maximum Sheet Size 2420mm x 1200mm
Minimum Sheet Size 100mm x 50mm
Fire Rating Euroclass D
Moisture Content 5-9%
Manufacturers Tolerances +/- 10% plus 0.4mm (e.g. 5mm cast sheet could vary from 4.1mm to 5.9mm)
Cutting Tolerances +/- 1mm

Manufacturer's Datasheets

For the full technical details, download the manufacturer’s datasheet here:

Medite Premier MDF

Frequently Asked Questions

What is veneered MDF?

Veneered MDF is created by bonding a thin veneer of solid wood to standard grade MDF. The result is a similar quality alternative to veneered Plywood, enhanced by the uniform colour and straight grain of the wood with the strength of the MDF core.

Is veneer furniture good quality?

A veneered product is made out of thin, decorative slices of high-quality oak, affixed to a lower density core that will resist warping and moisture and therefore offer a good value alternative to solid wood. This strength and inexpensive option are produced to a high quality and an inexpensive option in comparison.

Can you paint veneered MDF?

If the veneer surface is in good condition, you can simply sand it a little, prime and paint. You can treat this like any other piece of furniture. However, if the veneer is chipped and damaged carry out the process as mentioned in our guide before sanding.

Is solid wood better than veneer?

Depending on the craftsmanship of the wood (the types and quality of finish, cut, hardware and other factors that went into the construction), solid wood furniture can last for generations. However veneered wood is incredibly durable and an inexpensive alternative.

Is veneer real wood?

Yes! All of the veneers that we supply are made from real solid wood. It is worth checking that your veneer is real wood, as often some manufacturers may offer vinyl or laminate alternatives.

What is veneer used for?

In woodworking, a veneer is a cut of wood that is 0.8mm thick, that is applied to both faces of a strong MDF core. This is to seal and stabilize the core, which is crucial for building furniture for instance. 

Can you take the veneer off furniture?

While it is possible to remove a veneer, it can be extremely difficult to do, as removing the veneer would likely damage the MDF core underneath. For this reason, we highly recommend checking that you require veneered MDF prior to ordering.

Can you refinish the veneer?

It is definitely possible to refinish a veneer. To do so you treat it almost the same as a real piece of solid wood, though taking extra measures to avoid damaging the veneer or its MDF core.

How do you protect wood veneer?

While the wood veneer can be varnished and stained to protect it, we also recommend considering how the veneer will be used. If used on a table for instance, that you purchase an acrylic table top protector for extra protection.










Ideal for what I required doing my project of fitting a full length wardrobe.


Priced fairly, good quality, exactly what I had wanted. As a base for my Doll's House it blends in with the same material it is built with. It finishes the whole appearance. Very pleased.


It's exactly what I needed.




Wood was cut to size and arrived very quickly and packed really well.



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