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VuPlex Polish

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One of the most common questions customers have when using acrylic plastics is how to maintain the glossy shine after years of wear and tear. Acrylic polish helps to keep the clear, shiny finish with no smears and smudges, and VuPlex is a great product to achieve this. It helps to keep coloured plastics more vibrant and maintains the shine of clear, transparent plastics. It works on a wide range of plastic products by helping to prevent premature wear and maintaining the longevity of the item, with minimal effort and quick results. It also helps to protect scratches and can be used to restore the item if it does get scratched or develops ground-in grime.

VuPlex is ideal for use with secondary glazing and shed or greenhouse windows, acrylic splashbacks, mirrors and any other type of acrylic application. The ingredients are safe and won’t cause any damage to the surface of the plastic. The product works by providing a fine coating of wax to the surface to protect it from micro-scratches or damage from the surrounding conditions that might wear down the clarity of the acrylic over time.

VuPlex polish can also be used to remove stains which other cleaners can’t take off by applying a very fine layer of protectant which seals the porous surface. The polish helps to repel water and other contaminants which adds extra protection to the surface of the plastic, and any residual film that’s left over is also safe for food preparation surfaces so it’s fine for use in kitchens or commercial spaces where food safety is important. Lastly, VuPlex polish has anti-static properties to help repel dust so the acrylic will stay looking clean and in great condition for longer periods of time.