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Unipol Plastic Polish

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To maintain the look and glossy finish of your plastics, plastic polish is the perfect product to have on hand. Unipol plastic polish is designed for non-grained, hard plastics such as acrylic bathtubs, windows, windshields and splashbacks. Unipol plastic polish is made up of a mixture of fatty acids, wax and polishing minerals.

It’s perfect for opaque acrylic glass too which will become transparent once again after using this as a polishing agent. It is applied with a soft wet cloth which you can then gently rub the product onto the plastic with and then buff off with a soft dry cloth to reveal the glossy surface.

If you have light scratches to an acrylic item that you want to repair, plastic polish is a great product to use after you’ve gently sanded the scratches out to bring back the shine to the plastic and match it to the rest of the undamaged surface.