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5mm White Acrylic Splashback

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A solid high quality Perspex® colour sheet, for use in the kitchen or bathroom to protect your walls from splashes. While they are very practical, they can also be used cleverly as part of your interior design adding character to your room.

Max: 3050mm
Max: 2050mm

Approximate Weight: 29.75 g

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£0.82 Inc. VAT

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Mirrored splashbacks are becoming increasingly popular in homes, as its safer than real glass and more affordable. It can be used as an effective splashback, in showers and bathrooms, and even in display cases where glass mirrors might be unsafe. Not only is it a more cost-effective and lighter option than glass but it’s also incredibly durable – it’s up to 17 times more impact resistant than glass, and is shatterproof if it does break.

Please note, before considering cutting your splashbacks, you cannot cut any of our Premium Acrylic or Premium Glass Splashbacks. If you require it cut to your specifications, please contact us prior to ordering.

How much do mirrored splashbacks cost?

Most acrylic splashbacks are supplied in single sheets at a fixed size. However, you can save money by buying for a cut-to-size option if you’re purchasing a splashback. The cutting fee is included in the price so this is a cost-effective option. If you’re choosing to hang this as a mirror in your home, you can also pay a little extra for finishing touches such as polished edges or rounded corners.


Where to use mirrored splashbacks

Because it’s so light, mirrored splashbacks make a great option for bathrooms. Acrylic mirror offers the same reflective clarity as real glass but is far safer and less fragile. It’s simple to clean with just soapy water. Because there won’t be as many joins or areas for mildew to develop, it’s easier to maintain this style of splashback, so it will stay looking newer for longer.

Mirrored acrylic splashbacks are also a great addition to kitchens, as they reflect the light, opening up the room to make it appear bigger.  



What are the benefits of mirrored splashbacks?




Where glass is notoriously fragile and hazardous when broken, acrylic is its far safer and more durable alternative. Mirrored splashback made from hardwearing plastic instead of glass is far more impact-resistant and shatterproof but provides all the same optical clarity that traditional mirrors do. Acrylic mirrors are also a more lightweight option, weighing half that of glass, so they’re great for hanging in large panels that can be easily installed yourself using just screws or a suitable adhesive.




Mirrored splashbacks are relatively cheap to purchase but they also last a long time and require very little in terms of maintenance, so they’re a great low-cost investment. In fact, one of the main benefits of using acrylic is that it’s so easy to keep clean and hygienic. There are many applications where mirrored acrylic is a preferable option over glass, such as for curved mirrors where the flexibility of plastic lends itself well to decorative applications. And for environments where safety is of paramount importance, such as where children or pets play, then acrylic is a preferable option that carries less risk.



How do I fit my mirrorred splashback?

When measuring for the right size of acrylic, it’s important to provide the exact specifications to ensure a professional finish. Allow a 2-3mm gap around the edges for a snug fit and ensure that you allow 6-7mm for adjoining corners so that the adjoining seam is secure. We recommend ensuring the wall where the mirrored acrylic is being installed is absolutely flat; if you are not sure, try attaching the acrylic to some MDF, and then attaching the MDF to the wall.

Acrylic mirror sheets are a flexible material, therefore they must be applied to a completely flat surface. We suggest using some MDF to ensure that the mirror is on a completely flat surface. If you are ordering larger dimensions, we recommend you consider the 5mm thick acrylic mirror which is more rigid.

When it comes to fitting your sheet, it couldn’t be easier – you can either drill the acrylic to the wall, ensuring that you use an appropriate drill bit to avoid damaging the material, or use a solvent-based adhesive to simply glue the sheet to the wall. This is more commonly used as a way of installing acrylic as it’s easier and quicker than drilling but ensure that you don’t apply the adhesive too close to the edge so that it doesn’t become visible when you press the sheet to the wall. When applying the adhesive, be sure to spread a very thin even layer across all of the back of the mirror. Failure to do this, or to stick the acrylic to a flat surface could result in a distorted image. One of the main benefits of using plastic sheeting is that it’s easy to keep clean and hygienic. It just requires a wipe over with warm soapy water and a clean cloth to remove any dirt or dust. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are acrylic splashbacks heat resistant?

Acrylic splashback panels melt at high temperatures or from exposure to direct flames. The melting point for most Perspex plastics is 160 degrees Celcius, so they cannot withstand extreme temperatures. We recommend using our Glass Splashbacks which will withstand any heat.

Can I put acrylic splashbacks behind a hob?

Not if it is gas or electric. You will need a gap of 50mm between an induction hob and the acrylic.

How do you fit an acrylic splashback?

While we suggest you hire a professional to fit any of our splashbacks, it is possible to fit our splashbacks yourself. To do so, you will require an adhesive, and finish with a neutral cure silicone to seal along where your splashback meets any surface.

What is the difference between glass and acrylic splashbacks?

Our glass splashbacks give a clearer light transmission allowing you to see the colour on the glass. They are traditional for splashbacks as they are able to withstand higher temperatures, though aren’t as shatter-resistant as acrylic splashbacks.  

How do you clean an acrylic splashback?

Keeping your acrylic splashback panels clean and hygienic is easy to maintain, as all that is required is warm soapy water and a microfibre cloth.

Can you cut a custom hole for plug sockets?

We are able to accommodate any requirements you may need. You can customise your splashback when ordering. For plug sockets, select the Cut-Outs option and explain where your plug socket is. For more assistance contact us at info@cutmyplastic.co.uk.




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Fast shipping and 5+ for packaging! My bathroom is not finished but just wanted to attach an image for others to see. I am really happy with my purchase!




excellent value. Did it myself for under 150£, v. £400 quotation.


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Exactly what I required thank you






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I love the cut acrylic that now sits on top of the desk where I'm typing this review. The curve at the front is cut beautifully and achieves exactly the result I was hoping for.


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