Mirrored Splashbacks

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Mirrored Splashbacks

Mirrored splashbacks are becoming increasingly popular in homes, as its safer than real glass and more affordable. It can be used as an effective splashback, in showers and bathrooms, and even in display cases where glass mirrors might be unsafe. Not only is it a more cost-effective and lighter option than glass but it’s also incredibly durable – it’s up to 17 times more impact resistant than glass, and is shatterproof if it does break.


How much do mirrored splashbacks cost?

Most acrylic splashbacks are supplied in single sheets at a fixed size. However, you can save money by buying for a cut-to-size option if you’re purchasing a splashback. The cutting fee is included in the price so this is a cost-effective option. If you’re choosing to hang this as a mirror in your home, you can also pay a little extra for finishing touches such as polished edges or rounded corners.


Where to use mirrored splashbacks

Because it’s so light, mirrored splashbacks make a great option for bathrooms. Mirrored acrylic offers the same reflective clarity as real glass but is far safer and less fragile. It’s simple to clean with just soapy water. Because there won’t be as many joins or areas for mildew to develop, it’s easier to maintain this style of splashback, so it will stay looking newer for longer.

Mirrored acrylic splashbacks are also a great addition to kitchens, as they reflect the light, opening up the room to make it appear bigger.  

Fitting splashbacks

Fitting a splashback may seem difficult at first glance but it’s actually quite simple. Wherever you choose to install your mirrored splashback, be sure to check that the surface is dry and as even as possible. Splashbacks can be fitted by either drilling them to the wall or by using a strong adhesive to glue them into place.

For simplicity, you can have the holes pre-drilled when ordering your splashback for precision or you can drill them yourself – however, be careful when doing this as the material can crack or become damaged if the right drill bit isn’t used. Providing the area has been measured properly for an exact fit, fixing the splashback into place should be a quick and simple task.