Site Hoarding

At Cut My Plastic, we take pride in creating a wide range of site hoarding choices with bespoke sizing and printing options to choose from. We use innovative materials and UV-resistant inks to develop hoarding that serves its protective purpose while also looking great and forming the perfect opportunity for advertising. We offer large format printing services that makes the options limitless in terms of the size of site hoarding you can create, as we can print numerous panels to fit together into a larger application, as well as quick delivery so you can install the panels as soon as possible.  

What is Site Hoarding?

Hoarding is temporary fencing that is erected around construction or building sites to protect them from view and prevent unauthorised people from accessing the area. Not only is hoarding essential for meeting health and safety regulations but they’re also a key aspect of security systems to minimise the risk of vandalism or theft. If there are sites that have other work areas nearby, neighbouring residential spaces, children or vulnerable people close by or rights of way through them, then the type of hoarding required also varies.

Site hoarding can be temporary or a long-term installation that is either freestanding or incorporated into the site itself – it’s essential that it’s stable and secure and can withstand high winds or harsh weather conditions. Hoarding can be made from a range of durable materials, including timber, steel, plywood or Dibond sheeting. One of the benefits of using site hoarding, aside from the health and safety benefits, is that it can be used as a marketing tool to advertise the contractors or developers, promote the building being built and show people what the completed project will look like, or for business advertising.

Printed Site Hoarding

Whether you need an entire site hoarding package, including materials and printing, or you have an existing hoarding that you want to brand, Cut My Plastic can create a solution that works for you. We can print company logos, contact information or site information onto smaller panels such as aluminium composite sheeting or Correx sheets which can easily be installed onto your hoarding, or we can print directly onto these materials. We use state-of-the-art equipment and printing techniques for large format digital printing that allows for crisp, vibrant and clear images and text for a high-quality print finish. We can also cut sheets to any size or shape with absolute precision for more versatility.

Whether you have a smaller site area that you need to create hoarding for or a large perimeter of multiple panels that can be printed to fit together into one large image, we can help. Get in touch with our team today and we can discuss your site hoarding requirements to create a product that perfectly meets your needs.

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