At Cut My Plastic we try to make it as easy as possible for you to buy acrylic cut to order for your home and business projects. Extruded acrylic sheet is stronger than other solutions and can be used in a number of applications such as replacing shed and greenhouse glazing, showers and wet rooms, splash backs and work surface toppers.

Extruded Acrylic Sheets

Because it is so strong, thinner sheets can be used to achieve the same quality of fabrication as other forms of sheet plastic, making it cheaper, lighter weight and easier to cut and form.

Our extruded sheets come in an impressive range of colours, including transparent or opaque along with black and white. Extruded sheet acrylic can be cut into an almost infinite number of shapes and is easy to form using either heat or vacuum processes. As well as colours, we also supply extruded acrylic mirrors. These are the perfect solution for home fitness centres, gyms and dance studios as they are far cheaper than the equivalent size glass mirrors, safer and much less likely to be damaged accidentally.

Extruded sheet has several other advantages over other similar products such as Perspex® acrylic or glass. As well as being shatterproof (it may break under extreme circumstances, however it won’t shatter into shards like glass will) it also offers outstanding clarity, is available in high gloss and non-reflective finishes, is hardwearing and durable, is weather and UV resistant and, being lighter and less fragile than glass, is easy and safe to move or replace.

We sell extruded mirrored sheets that can be used around the home and in the garden. Because it’s so much cheaper and lighter than glass, mirrored acrylic is perfect for bedrooms, dance studios, gyms and the garden. If you have children or pets you might be concerned about hanging a large mirror, however, extruded acrylic is so strong and lightweight that it is safe to use in virtually any such application. Because it’s highly impact resistant it won’t shatter, and if it is knocked over, it is so light that it won’t do any major damage.

Another application is durable, lightweight and safe windows for sheds and replacement glass for greenhouses. We find that extruded acrylic sheets are perfect replacements for windows and glass because of its safety features, its ease of installation and insulation properties. It allows just as much light in as regular glass but it has higher insulation properties. Because it is much stronger than glass it also offers a good deal of security in your shed.

Other uses include signage, display cases and cabinets, interior glazing and glazing for sheds and greenhouses, surface protectors including work surfaces, splashbacks, showers and picture framing.

Because of its strength, extruded acrylic is incredibly safe to use for applications that would usually involve glass. If you have children but you still want a greenhouse, replacing the glass with acrylic sheet is the perfect alternative. Being stronger, lighter and shatter resistant, extruded acrylic sheet is perfect for this sort of application. It is also perfect for use in cupboard doors, interior glass walls, shelving and lighting sconces.