Clear Cast Acrylic Sheet


Clear cast acrylic sheet is available in thicknesses of 1mm to 25mm and cut to size up to 3050mm by 2030mm.

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Clear cast acrylic is a versatile, hardwearing plastic sheet available suitable for many applications such as shed or greenhouse windows, splashbacks and tabletops. Our clear acrylic sheets are produced to a high sheen and are scratch and impact resistant. Lightweight and hardwearing, cast the plastic sheets are perfect for retail too, for use from signs and picture frames to display stands and mounts. The plastic has a number of unique properties including outstanding optical clarity, a high gloss finish, it is UV and weather resistant, meaning that it is perfect for use inside or outdoors, in the home, office or retail. Thanks to its high impact resistance it is perfect for use where children and pets play, meaning that it is far more practical than glass in many applications.