Cut My Plastic supplies a wide range of cast acrylic sheets whole or cut to size.

Acrylic sheets (also sold as Perspex®) can be manufactured by two processes; casting and extrusion. Because of the differences in performance it is important to know the different properties these two products hold before ordering, depending on the use you’re going to make of your cast acrylic.

Cast acrylic sheets are manufactured by adding the liquid monomer constituents together between two glass plates. The chemical reaction that occurs when this liquid sets into a hard acrylic sheet makes the plastic equally hard in all directions. When extruded acrylic sheet is manufactured acrylic pellets are heated and forced through a press which produces a uniform sheet, however, because of the extrusion process, a good deal of the plastic’s strength depends on the direction that the sheet was drawn in during manufacture.

cast acrylic in all colours

For most applications, these differences will have little or no effect on your purchase. You will find that, if you need to laser etch or engrave your plastic sheet, the etching on extruded acrylic looks highly textured or striated while etching on cast acrylic is more consistent and uniform, giving a finish similar to smoked or ground glass.

If you are going to be thermoforming your acrylic sheet you will also find that there is a difference in performance between extruded and cast acrylic. Cast acrylic will again, demonstrate uniform properties and can be reformed while hot, while extruded material will behave differently during thermo forming depending on the direction of extrusion.

Other benefits that cast acrylic has are that it has better solvent, scratch and impact resistance. Cast acrylic also offers the best clarity of plastic sheet, greater thermal stability and resistance to chemicals and solvents. It’s this scratch and solvent resistance that makes cast acrylic stay looking good for longer and also makes it exceptionally easy to clean.

Because of its strength and durability, cast acrylic is suitable for a wide range of applications throughout the home. These include aquariums and vivariums, partition doors and windows, furniture, signage, retail and domestic display cases and cabinets, boat, garage, shed and greenhouse glazing, and picture framing.

Because cast acrylic is strong, lightweight and has superior optical clarity, it is perfect for use in sheds and greenhouses. It offers impact resistance more than ten times greater than that of glass of similar thickness. Add to that the fact that it doesn’t shatter but simply cracks or breaks into large pieces it is exceptionally safe, especially around children and pets. If you’re thinking of replacing or repairing windows in a shed, greenhouse, playhouse or anywhere that children or pets play, cast acrylic should be your first choice.

Cast acrylic is exceptionally versatile. On top of the different applications that you can put it to, it’s also available in a vast array of different colours, thicknesses and finishes.

Gloss cast acrylic is polished to a high gloss, smooth finish on both surfaces. Silk cast acrylic is made with a high gloss on one side and a matt, translucent non-reflective surface on the other. Frosted cast acrylic has a non-reflective translucent finish on both sides.