One of the products that is becoming more and more popular is acrylic mirror sheets. From gyms and fitness centres and dance studios to home use, acrylic mirror sheets are cheaper, lighter and safer than real glass mirrors.

Acrylic Mirror Sheets

Because acrylic sheeting can be used safely in any number of applications it is great for splashbacks, showers, garden features, shelving and display cases where the use of glass mirrors might cause a safety issue. Also, because mirrored plastic can be cut into intricate custom shapes, it is an incredibly versatile product for designers and home projects. While it is possible to cut glass into a variety of shapes, it is intrinsically delicate and expensive to craft. That simply isn’t the case with mirror finish acrylic. When you order with us, we can cut your plastic sheet to size and design and then deliver your item, carefully packaged and in perfect condition anywhere in the UK.

As well as fabricating small items, we are also able to create items on a much larger scale. Mirror cladding and tanking with glass mirrors presents a number of problems and difficulties. Glass mirrors are heavy, fragile and inflexible. Our mirrored acrylics are lightweight, extremely durable and can be formed into a variety of different shapes.

If you are attaching mirrored acrylic sheet to a wall or door, you will need to let us know whether you need any holes cut in the plastic for sockets or door handles. Beside that, fitting mirrored plastic sheet is incredibly easy and far more forgiving than a glass mirror ever could be. Our mirrored sheet is anything up to 17 times as strong as glass, lighter, impact and shatter resistant and relatively flexible.

Our acrylic wall mirrors are approximately half the price of similar sized glass mirror alternatives, they a fraction of the weight, are far safer and less fragile too. Because it is so light, it can easily be used for a great range of applications and installed in a wide variety of locations. Acrylic mirrored sheet is every bit as reflective as real glass mirrors, with the same clarity.

Not only is mirrored acrylic sheet much lighter, cheaper and more flexible, it is exceptionally safe compared to glass mirrors. Mirrored plastic sheet is up to 17 times as impact resistant as glass, and, if it does break, it doesn’t shatter, rather it simply breaks in two. Compare this to the shards of shattered glass that a broken glass mirror produces and you can see how much safer it is to handle plastic mirrors, particularly if you’re buying a large mirror, or one that is going to hang somewhere with high footfall.