Interior PVC Cladding

PVC cladding is a great solution for bathrooms, kitchens, wet rooms and other areas of the home, such as offices. This attractive yet functional material is ideal for areas that require high levels of sanitation too, as it’s easy to keep clean and maintain, so it’s well suited to medical or food preparation spaces which need to be kept sterile.

What are the benefits of interior PVC cladding?

Interior PVC cladding is a waterproof covering which is designed to protect the surface beneath from water damage. At Cut My Plastic, we provide custom-cut PVC sheets that can be cut to any size or shape to fit your needs. PVC cladding works well as an alternative to ceramic tiles which can be difficult to clean and can break or chip easily. One of the main benefits of using PVC sheeting is that it’s capable of withstanding both high and low temperatures, making it ideal for bathrooms and wet rooms. When installed correctly, they provide a totally waterproof cover to the wall behind

PVC cladding is impervious to chemical cleaning products and mould-forming bacteria, as well as steam. This hardwearing quality ensures your cladding will be long-lasting and maintain its appearance for a long time. Because PVC is warmer than ceramics, condensation doesn’t build up as easily so all that’s required to keep them clean from mould and grime is an occasional wipe down with soapy water. As there’s no grout to contend with, PVC cladding is a virtually maintenance-free product.

A huge benefit of opting for PVC cladding over traditional tiling is that it’s far more cost-effective than tiling, so it’s easy to update your bathroom or kitchen quickly and more affordably. There’s also a wide range of colours, patterns and finishes to choose from – whether you’re looking for a marble effect, bold colours or a more natural travertine look.

Is interior PVC cladding easy to install?

Even those new to DIY will find installing PVC panels easy to do, unlike ceramic tiling which requires more specialist skills. There are no special tools required – just a fine-toothed saw, a spirit level and either a drill or a silicon gun, depending on which method of fixing you’re going for. Interior cladding can either be attached directly to the wall, or old tiling if the surface is even, using an appropriate adhesive, or screwed to battens.

The panels are simply locked together so it’s easy to quickly and efficiently complete a full wall of cladding in a short space of time. This makes it a quick way to update and refresh your home or commercial space and give the room in question a complete change without having to invest a lot of time or money. When correctly installed, PVC panels are entirely waterproof and will ensure that the wall behind the panels is kept completely dry. Because of the way PVC cladding fits together, it’s often recommended that a bead of silicon sealant is used between each panel for additional protection.

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