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Exterior PVC Cladding

The versatility and easy maintenance of exterior PVC cladding makes it a great option for covering external applications. It comes in a wide range of colours and can be fitted whichever way the design requires – horizontally, vertically and even diagonally. At Cut My Plastic, we can cut PVC sheets to any size or shape to suit your project for an exact fit every time. PVC cladding can enhance and update the appearance of any home or commercial space, providing an attractive and low-maintenance solution that’s weather-resistant and easy to install.

What are the benefits of using exterior PVC cladding?

PVC cladding can be installed easily over walling of many different materials, including standard brickwork or timber frames, so it’s a quick way to update or replace rotten timber cladding and concealing problems with brickwork without much preparation required. It’s very hardwearing and durable, as well as being a safe option as it’s fire resistant. PVC cladding resists the spread of flame and the material itself isn’t easy to ignite, so it outperforms timber frames and some other cladding options.

In addition to the speed and safety associated with PVC sheets, this form of cladding is also aesthetically pleasing. There is a range of different colours and finishes to choose from, from wood grain-style cladding to standard block colours, to suit your preferences. This makes it easy to update any application quickly and add a unique finishing touch that can be contemporary or classic to best suit the surroundings. PVC cladding helps to reduce background noise and it has insulating properties to keep the warmth in and reduce thermal loss.

Shiplap cladding is the most common type of PVC cladding to create an additional protective barrier to the building. Opting for a PVC cladding means that your property will benefit from the qualities that plastic offers over the more traditional timber materials, including being more long-lasting and able to withstand the elements.

Timber cladding requires treatments on a regular basis and it can look damaged and tired as it ages, whereas PVC cladding doesn’t deteriorate in appearance and requires minimal maintenance. It can last for decades without needed to be replaced too, so not only is it more affordable up front but it’s also more cost-effective on a long-term basis. Where PVC does share similarities with timber, however, is with how easy it is to work with. Much like timber cladding, PVC can be cut easily and nailed to the wall using standard tools. Although it’s a very durable material, it’s also incredibly lightweight meaning it can be manoeuvred into position easily.

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