Bathroom PVC Cladding

PVC cladding is ideal for updating the look of your bathroom without the hassle and cost associated with tiling. It makes for a great alternative to traditional wallpaper, artex and tiles, while still providing a waterproof protective surface. PVC cladding can also be used on ceilings as well as the walls, making it a versatile product for a range of domestic and commercial applications.

Bathroom PVC cladding is a hygienic material that’s easy to maintain and keep clean, as it doesn’t need to be cleaned as often as ceramic tiles but will still retain the same levels of hygiene. It’s capable of withstanding a range of temperatures, so it’s well suited to a variety of environments, from in your home to commercial spaces. It provides a watertight surface which is why it’s become such a popular choice for bathrooms and wet rooms.

Another benefit of using cladding in bathrooms is that it’s incredibly easy to fit, so there’s no need to hire contractors to install it – your new contemporary yet practical bathroom décor can be fitted quickly and efficiently, whether you’re new to DIY or an experienced tradesman. All you need to do is fit each panel into the next, allowing you to cover a large area in a short amount of time. It’s a great solution to imperfect walls and ceilings where you want to replace the current surface with a smoother finish. Bathroom PVC is a cost-effective way to create feature walls in your bathroom that also provide functionality.

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