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PVC Cladding





PVC cladding makes updating your property, both inside and out, an easy and affordable task. This versatile product is quick to install, particularly when compared to ceramic tiling or timber cladding, and is a long-lasting alternative to similar products on the market. PVC cladding panels can be installed over existing materials, such as ceramic or glass tiling or brickwork, so they’re an efficient replacement that won’t take hours of preparation time to fit. This form of wall or ceiling protection is affordable and cost effective, not just initially but also due to the long-lasting nature of the materials used.




Where can PVC cladding be used?




One of the main benefits to using PVC cladding is just how flexible it is in terms of the different applications it can be used for. Interior PVC cladding can be used on walls and ceilings, and is ideal for use in bathrooms, shower rooms and kitchens, as it provides a 100% waterproof barrier and can cope with hot and cold temperatures. As bathroom PVC cladding panels overlap using a tongue and groove effect, there’s no grout to worry about or keep clean as there would be with traditional tiling, making it easy to keep clean and hygienic. The antibacterial nature of plastic also means that you don’t need to risk mould forming when you’re using it in bathrooms or wet rooms.




Exterior PVC cladding can also be used, to provide a durable and protective barrier to domestic and commercial buildings. PVC is resistant to flames and doesn’t ignite easily, unlike timber cladding, so it’s a safer option for any property, as well as being weather resistant so it won’t age or deteriorate like other materials. As with interior cladding, our range of exterior PVC cladding is easy to maintain and install quickly, as well as being hardwearing. It also provides insulation and helps to reduce thermal loss and doesn’t need regular treatments to maintain its quality and appearance like wooden cladding does.




There are different finishes and fits available with PVC cladding to suit your needs. If you need advice on the best option for your project, get in touch with our team and we can help you choose the best product for you. We can cut PVC sheets to any size or shape, so whatever the application, we can provide you with an appropriate cladding solution.



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