Sign Printing

From Perspex and Foamex to Dibond and Correx sheeting, signs can be made from a number of different substrates. Using the latest in flatbed printing, we can deliver high definition printed signs with vibrant clarity and vivid colour reproduction. This is the perfect solution for creating large format, attention-grabbing signs that are designed to last. From retail spaces to advertisements on the side of buildings, signs can be used in a range of different areas to great effect. At Cut My Plastic, we offer a wide variety of options in terms of materials, sizes and shapes for your signage needs.

Please note, before considering cutting your sign print yourself, you cannot cut it due to the printing techniques. If you require it cut to your specifications, please contact us prior to ordering.

Where can printed signs be used effectively?

Commercial industries benefit enormously from printed signs, whether it’s to advertise a sale or promote a new product, inform customers of the business’ location or to direct visitors to a location within the store. Signs don’t have to be used as a marketing tool, however, they can also be used for everyday use such as door signs, noticeboards or indoor and exterior branding. Directional signage can also be beneficial in larger spaces to help visitors and staff find their way around and to locate different departments.

For commercial spaces, flat panel wall signs are a great way of advertising your company’s branding – particularly if you share the building with other businesses. Signs are also a great idea for exhibitions or marketing events to promote your services, company name or to highlight contact details so potential customers can get in touch later on. From banners and pavement signs to flags and building site signs, there are countless ways to utilise signage for your business needs.

Materials for sign printing

We offer a wide range of materials in a host of different sizes for your printing needs, so you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding on the right material for your custom sign. Whatever material you choose, you also have the option for single or double-sided printing – a great option if you’re choosing a hanging sign to maximise the visibility. Our UV-resistant inks ensure a lasting image that won’t fade or deteriorate in quality for a sign that is built to last. So, whether you need something temporary or want to promote your services for many years to come, we have a solution to suit you.

Correx signs are made from fully-recyclable fluted Correx sheeting and work well for both in and outdoor use. It’s a budget-friendly material that is lightweight, affordable and durable, making it ideal for everything from health and safety signs to promoting a local event or advertising properties that are for sale for estate agencies. Dibond sheeting is a long-lasting and hardwearing aluminium board that is sandwiched around a polyethylene core for a lightweight but sturdy material that’s perfectly suited to outdoor advertising. If you’re looking for an indoor solution, Foamex is lightweight and perfect for printing onto, providing a smooth and crisp surface that showcases your image or text brilliantly for an attention-grabbing sign.

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