Plastic Printing

Using state-of-the-art technology, we are able to provide high-quality plastic printing services onto any format of plastic and to any size to suit your needs. At Cut My Plastic, we have the capability to print onto a range of plastic substrate, from PVC and acrylic to polypropylene and Dibond sheeting. Our printing solutions provide a lasting bond to the plastic and using a range of colours, we can print any design, pattern or colour combination you can think of.  

Please note, before considering cutting your plastic print, you cannot cut it due to the printing techniques. If you require it cut to your specifications, please contact us prior to ordering.

Uses for plastic printing

There are a multitude of applications where printed plastic can be of use, but one of the primary uses for printed plastic is for signage. Whether you want to market your business, advertise your services or create a temporary sign for an event or short-term sale, printed signs are a great way to promote your company. The inherent properties of plastic make it ideal for both in and outdoor use – we use UV-resistant inks that won’t fade in the sun and will last years, providing great value for money and a sign that you can reuse time and time again.

Another benefit for plastic printing is for point of sale or promotional items, such as posters, counter displays or bookmark. Why not create plastic posters that can be used outdoors without any risk to the poster when exposed to the elements? It can be used for shelf banners, noticeboards, decals for walls or windows, and merchandising strips too.

What is the process for printing on plastic?

There are different methods for printing onto plastic but the most common is using a flatbed printer and UV curing inks, meaning that the ink is dry as soon as it has finished printing. This provides a quick turnaround process and a cost-effective method for creating custom products. It also allows us to provide colour matching, white ink printing and printing onto different surfaces with a high print quality. When creating your printed plastic products, all you need to do is provide a high-quality, clear image file and we will do the rest. Along with our bespoke cutting service and fast delivery, you can enjoy a personalised product quickly and hassle-free.

The benefits of this method of printing over other printing processes is that printing can be used on substrates of any size, shape or thickness without any issues. This makes creating bespoke products that perfectly meet your requirements incredibly easy and ensures we can deliver a high-quality service every time. From posters and noticeboards to door signs or hanging signs, advertising materials and promotional items, there are numerous uses for plastic products to benefit commercial industries.

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