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Dibond provides an extremely durable signage solution that’s rust, fade and weather-resistant for a resilient product that’s sure to last many years. Dibond sheets are made from a lightweight polyethylene core which is sandwiched between two sheets of tough aluminium for a product that combines the great qualities of both of these materials. Because of the nature of Dibond, these sheets can be printed onto both sides making it a great option for maximising your advertising potential. Dibond printing can also be produced either with a glossy or matte laminated finish to provide an even longer-lasting product. It’s ideal for longer-term signs and displays, both for in and outdoor use.

Please note, before considering cutting your Dibond print, you cannot cut it due to the printing techniques. If you require it cut to your specifications, please contact us prior to ordering.

What are the advantages of Dibond?

Printed Dibond is a popular option for those looking for a rigid, durable yet easy-to-install material that can be used outdoors without the worry of it rusting or showing signs of wear and tear. It can easily be drilled for exterior displays or long-term applications, so it offers quick and easy installation that can be left for long periods. Our state-of-the-art printing technique ensures excellent coverage, even on larger areas, and the curing under UV lights protects the image from moisture, sunlight and contaminants later on. This means you can use your sign in any environment without worrying about it becoming damaged. The triple-layered composite material ensures stability and is a great option for gallery-quality presentation that’s durable and makes larger or panoramic formats possible.

Where is Dibond printing best used?

Dibond printing is a common option for businesses in the motor trade, as well as pubs and bars, clubs, retail spaces and hotels. It can also be used to great effect for museums or schools to showcase branding, events or to highlight the location of the building to visitors. Because Dibond can be printed onto both sides, it’s perfectly suited to hanging signs. Dibond is easy to affix to fences or perimeter hoarding and can withstand knocks and scrapes without showing signs of damage, so it’s a great option for the construction industry to advertise branding or services, or to market upcoming developments or sales.

These aluminium signs are a great option for a long-lasting sign that has a contemporary look – because we can cut and print it to any size, it can also be used for small scale projects such as menus for restaurants or cafes, or for door signage. Printed Dibond doesn’t have to be limited to commercial spaces though. The water-resistant properties make it well-suited to bathrooms – why not print some beautiful images onto sheets of Dibond for a unique and personal decorative feature for your home? The crisp details and vibrant colours are sure to last and won’t fade over time.

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