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Correx Printing

Correx plastic sheets are an ideal printing substrate as they can be printed with any design or coloured ink for a high-impact, high-quality sign. Correx is the brand name for polypropylene board, a corrugated plastic sheeting that is lightweight, durable and water-resistant. Correx is commonly used for signage, particularly temporary signs such as estate agent boards, as it’s easy to hang using just tape, glue or nails, or it can be drilled with ease for a more permanent fixture. At Cut My Plastic, we can cut and print onto any size sheet of Correx to suit your needs using weatherproof inks that are designed to last. Our quick delivery means you can benefit from show-stopping marketing sooner too.   

What are the benefits of Correx for printing?

Correx is a cost-effective material for printing that delivers great results. It has lightweight properties that make it great for easy installation and it offers a fade-resistant surface for your image, logo or text. For a budget-friendly application, such as medium-term signs and notices, estate agency signs or indoor displays for retail spaces, Correx is a great option that can be pre-drilled for easier installation.

It can also be printed on just one or both sides for maximum visibility – for larger signs, a thicker board of 5mm or 6mm will provide more rigidity and stability, particularly for outdoor use. Despite being lightweight and portable, Correx is a tough material that will withstand exposure to wind, rain and sunshine and the design or images printed onto it will remain vibrant and clear for several years without fading.

Where can printed Correx signs be used?

Printed Correx provides the opportunity for your brand, business and services to be noticed in all weathers, so you’re sure to make an impact on passers-by. From healthy and safety signs to event promotions and exhibition displays, Correx is the perfect option that delivers a low-cost alternative to other signage materials. If you have a larger sign in mind, such as those to attach to fencing or street advertising that’s quick to put in place and remove when necessary, Correx is a versatile solution that won’t impact your advertising budget too heavily. Correx printing doesn’t have to be on a big scale though – it works just as well for A4 or A3 sized signs that provide brilliant clarity and vibrancy to adverts for smaller spaces such as lamp-posts that will still garner plenty of attention.

Our Correx sheets can be cut to any shape so you can be as creative as your imagination will allow for a unique and eye-catching sign that will really turn heads. If you need advice for your Correx printing and how it can help advertise your business or services, get in touch with our friendly team and we’ll be happy to help.

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