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As low as £40.00 Inc. VAT

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Correx plastic sheets are an ideal printing substrate as they can be printed with any design or coloured ink for a high-impact, high-quality sign. Correx is the brand name for polypropylene board, a corrugated plastic sheeting that is lightweight, durable and water-resistant. Correx sheets are commonly used for signage, particularly temporary signs such as estate agent boards, as it’s easy to hang using just tape, glue or nails, or it can be drilled with ease for a more permanent fixture. At Cut My Plastic, we can cut and print onto any size sheet of Correx to suit your needs using weatherproof inks that are designed to last. Our quick delivery means you can benefit from show-stopping marketing sooner too.

Please note, before considering cutting your Correx print yourself, you cannot cut any of our prints after it has undergone our printing process. If you require it cut to your specifications, please contact us prior to ordering.

Latest printing Technology

We have invested into the latest print and cut technology to allow us to provide you with the best print solution at the right price. Our UV printer prints your graphics direct to the media giving a beautiful matt finish. If you are looking to use correx for more longer term applications you may want to consider using a laminate to add protection and longevity to your correx sign.


Looking for Larger Sheets and Bespoke Shapes?

We generally stock correx sheets up to 3050x1524 in 4,6 and 8mm. Using our CNC cutting table we are able to print and cut any shape up to 3000x2000mm, we have even cut out superheroes for a client.

Get in touch today to discuss your requirements. We also offer discounts to the trade and for bulk orders.


What are the benefits of Correx for printing?

Correx is a cost-effective material for printing that delivers great results. It has lightweight properties that make it great for easy installation and it offers a fade-resistant surface for your image, logo or text. For a budget-friendly application, such as medium-term signs and notices, estate agency signs or indoor displays for retail spaces, Correx is a great option that can be pre-drilled for easier installation.

It can also be printed on just one or both sides for maximum visibility – for larger signs, a thicker board of 5mm or 6mm will provide more rigidity and stability, particularly for outdoor use. Despite being lightweight and portable, Correx is a tough material that will withstand exposure to wind, rain and sunshine and the design or images printed onto it will remain vibrant and clear for several years without fading.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Correx?

Correx® is the brand name for polypropylene fluted board, which is a type of corrugated plastic. It is very lightweight, durable, and waterproof. Correx® is very popular for temporary outdoor signs.

How big can my board be?

Your board can be as big as you wish, there are no restrictions. However, boards are supplied at a maximum sheet size of 8 by 4ft (2400x 1220mm), any board printing orders larger than this will be split into sections.

How thick is your Correx board?

We offer Correx® boards in two different thicknesses for printing: 4mm and 6mm.

Can you print on corrugated plastic?

We are fully equipped to print corrugated plastic. Send us your print image, or contact us to discuss what you would like displayed.

Can you write on corrugated plastic?

We are able to print words and text on our Correx® sheets. As a finishing option, we are able to protect the print to make it graffiti proof, protecting your display.

Is Coroplast the same as corrugated plastic?

Corrugated plastic is a type of fluted polypropylene sheet. There are many popular brands for this including Coroplast® and Correx®.

What is corrugated plastic used for?

Correx is a great, budget-friendly option, for signs, notices, or indoor displays. Typically you will see corrugated plastic used in retail spaces or in offices. Correx is a great option that can be pre-drilled for easier installation.

What format should I upload my file in?

We accept most file formats, but please note that the higher the resolution, the better the print. For this reason, we recommend any of the following: TIFF, RAW, PSD, AI or PDF

Can I use a Correx sign outdoors?

Our printed Correx® signs are made from plastic so are weatherproof and fully able to be used outdoors. Any print work will also be waterproof, perfect for outdoor commercial displays.

Can you colour match?

We are able to colour match, however, please note that for an accurate colour match we may ask for a physical reference. We ask this as monitor manufacturers use varying colour spaces and it can be difficult to get a true match digitally.

What resolution do you print Correx® signs at?

We print in high-resolution 2400dpi in full high definition colours.

Is Correx recyclable?

Yes! Correx can be recycled after use.


Material Correx
Print Quality High-quality 2400dpi (dots per inch)
Printer Type UV Ink Printer
Accepted File Types PNG, JPG, PDF, TIFF, PSD, AI, RAW
Available Material Colours White
Available Thicknesses A0, A1, A2, A3, A4
Maximum Sheet Size 841mm x 1189mm (A0)
Minimum Sheet Size 210mm x 297mm (A4)

Frequently Asked Questions

What tolerance do you cut to?

We cut to a tolerance of +/-1mm.

What is your delivery timescale?

3-7 working days.

Is mirrored acrylic like normal mirror?

Mirrored acrylic is a flexible material, and needs to be attached to a perfectly flat surface. We recommend attaching it to MDF or something similar, making sure the adhesive is spread in a thin even layer across the acrylic. we also recommend using the 5mm thick acrylic as it is more rigid.

Can you cut any shape?

Yes, in acrylic. We will shortly be able to also cut any shape in polycarbonate as well.

What's your standard radius corner?

20mm, but we can cut to your requirements.

How many holes do I need in my acrylic?

1 per corner should be sufficient for smaller pieces. You might want to consider an extra hole in the middle if your sheet is larger.

Can I cut acrylic?

Yes, you can. Just take it slow and easy.

Can I put acrylic behind a hob?

Not if it is gas or electric. You need a gap of 5cm between an induction hob and the acrylic.

Do you fit the acrylic?

No, we don't. We do provide some templates which should help you to take your measurements. The acrylic is easy to install by any competent DIYer.

What's the difference between acrylic and Perspex?

Perspex is a brand name. It is the same as acrylic.

What's the difference between acrylic and polycarbonate?

Take a look at our handy guide here.

Can I change my order after it's been placed?

There will be a £6 processing fee for any amendments needed after placing your order.

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