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Printing Services

From point of sale to stickers and window displays, Cut My Plastic offer a wide range of printing services to suit a variety of applications. We offer high volume, bespoke printing services and are able to print on virtually any plastic material, from acrylic and PVC to vinyl and Foamex.

Our experienced team has specialist knowledge and are skilled at operating our state-of-the-art machinery to ensure a high-quality finish for all of our printing services. Our knowledge of the characteristics of different forms of plastic means we can utilise the best techniques and processes to provide you with a great printed product. At Cut My Plastic, we specialise in plastic printing, so you can be sure that your order is in the right hands with a team who knows exactly how to create products that look fantastic.

What can Cut My Plastic do for you?

·      Our specialist expertise of plastic materials means we can use the appropriate techniques for the best result for your product.

·      Our UK warehouse means we can provide a quick turnaround and fast delivery, with excellent customer service and guidance.

·      We offer a wide variety of plastic materials to choose from that we can print on effectively using the latest equipment and techniques.

What do print services entail?

Our printing services use innovative materials and equipment for the best result. Digital printing defines how the ink is printed onto the material and it works in a similar way to how home desktop printers work, but on a larger scale. Printer usually print in a four-colour process known as CMYK – this is made up of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black colours. The image being printed is split into these four main colours and prints as a set of percentages of each colour to create the desired image. We add white inks to reinforce the colours and reduce the translucency of the inks to make the image more opaque.

UV printing refers to the curing process of the ink which is used when printing onto plastic substrates. While home printing cures by air drying, with plastic materials there is no absorption, so the ink would simply run off. The addition of a drying solution helps the ink to dry thoroughly and this is achieved through a UV or UV LED light source, applied in quick sharp bursts to dry the ink quickly and to stop it pooling on the plastic sheet. The benefit of using UV light to dry the ink is that is makes them more durable and hardwearing, meaning they won’t fade as quickly as typical inks. This makes them better suited to outdoor applications or for window and vehicle stickers.

Our printing services provide a cost-effective option that is quicker to produce than some other printing techniques. There are many advantages to using digital printing processes, such as no pre-press costs or the need for stencils which are needed in lithographic or screen printing methods. For this reason, digital printing is well suited to custom designs and bespoke prints – it’s also more versatile for printing on different materials.