Cut My Plastic provide a full range of polycarbonate sheeting which is ideal for sheds, garages and greenhouses, coldframes, carports, and secondary glazing.

Polycarbonate sheeting is available as a clear solid sheet which is up to 290 times tougher than glass. It is also available in a lightweight, fire resistant twinwall or multiwall options which allow have high light and low thermal transmission. Twin and multiwall sheets of polycarbonate are also incredibly strong with impact resistance at least 200 times that of glass.

twinwall polycarbonate greenhouse

The strength and lightness of polycarbonate sheet alongside its fire retardation make it a popular choice for many applications around the homes where children and pets live. Used in greenhouses and cold frames, it cannot be smashed, it allows an equal amount of light in, is easily and safely cleaned, removed and replaced.

Solid polycarbonate is not only incredibly strong, it is lightweight and fire resistant, making it suitable to use as glazing in the home. In fact, it is so strong that it can be used to replace glass in particularly vulnerable doors and windows to increase security. Its clarity and light transfer is also similar to that of glass, making it suitable to use in skylights, windows and doors at home or at work.

Twin and multiwall polycarbonate sheets take advantage of the light weight, durability and clarity of the material to make an incredibly light, flexible solution for applications which aren’t security sensitive. It can be cut to size in our workshops, but it can equally be cut and trimmed with a boxcutter or saw. However it remains unbelievably impact resistant, meaning that it can’t be cracked, chipped or shattered.

If you’re using polycarbonate sheet for secondary glazing it can be fitted in minutes and is safely put up by anybody. Its lightness means that if it falls down it won’t hurt anybody it might strike and it is impossible for it to shatter like window glass would. Using polycarbonate sheets as secondary glazing and roofing in such place as a carport or swimming pool cover requires end closures, fixing buttons or tape. All of which can be ordered from Cut My Plastic when you order your polycarbonate sheet.

Polycarbonate sheets, whether solid, twin or multiwall can be ordered in a variety of thicknesses making the product suitable to use as replacement where a rebate or channel already exists, for example in aluminium greenhouses and carport roofs.

As with all of our acrylic sheets (also sold as Perspex®), we can cut your polycarbonate sheet to size, at a thickness to suit your needs, we are also able to cut holes for plumbing, power cables, or fixtures. Simply let us know about any special requirements you have when placing your order and we shall ensure that you get exactly what you require. However, because twin and multiwall polycarbonate is so versatile it is usually easy to make any holes yourself using a Stanley knife, saw or circle cutter power drill attachment.

Cut My Plastic also supply bronze and opal polycarbonate sheet. Bronze polycarbonate sheeting offers less transparency, ideal where privacy is required while pearl sheeting diffuses light completely allowing light through without any visibility at all.