5mm Polycarbonate Sheet

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5mm Polycarbonate Sheet – Versatile, thermoplastic, rigid

Polycarbonate plastic is naturally transparent but doesn't have a crystalline structure. The material is thermoplastic, which means you can form and re-form it multiple times using heat. And it deals with the internal transmission of light in almost the same way as glass, so makes a great alternative to glass. It comes with superb impact resistance. And it's different from acrylic sheeting. Do you know the differences? If you're not 100% sure which you need, give us a call or find out the differences between acrylic and polycarbonate for yourself.

Product description

Polycarbonate sheet can be formed easily without cracking or breaking, and you don't need a lot of heat to do so. It's great for prototyping applications where sheet metal won't do the trick, for example when you need transparency or a non-conductive surface with strong electrical insulation. It is a lighter alternative to glass and filters out UV rays. Plus it's tough, strong and comes in a variety of thicknesses. Anna, I removed the spectacles bit for you, but left the UV ray bit in since plenty of other sites mention it as a feature of the material.

Key Features

– An incredibly strong plastic, up to 5 times lighter than glass
– Lets 90% of the available light through so is a good alternative for windows
– Incredibly tough and rigid, almost 300 times stronger than glass
– Thermoforms beautifully multiple times with no degradation
– Performs better than acrylic sheeting in high impact situations
– Brake-forms to a tenth of an inch thick
– Bullet resistant at its thickest
– Easy to drill, cut, form, bend, work with and fit
– Keeps UV rays out
– Resists abrasion well
– Meets British and EU fire standards
– Comes in twin and multiwall versions, extremely strong and light

Want privacy? Bronze polycarbonate sheet works beautifully in private situations, and pearl polycarbonate sheet offers even more privacy while letting lots of light through.


– Transparent manifolds, signage, name plates, windows and safety guards
– Safety glasses for industry, schools and colleges
– Prototyping of various sorts, from models to moulds for casting
Greenhouses, cloches, carports, conservatories, porches, skylights and playhouse windows
– Super-light and transparent roofing and trims that are also super-tough
– Security and safety windows in doctors surgeries, and on buses
– Point-of-purchase displays
– As a replacement for glass in buildings

Technical Specifications

Coming soon.

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