4mm Polycarbonate Sheet

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4mm Polycarbonate Sheet – Tough, clear and stiff

Polycarbonate is a transparent, strong, stiff thermoplastic material that features really good impact resistance. It isn't quite the same as acrylic sheeting. If you're not certain which you need, give us a call or check out the differences between the two here.

Product description

Polycarbonate sheeting is tough and clear, which means it has a broad range of very different applications. It is an excellent alternative to glass. It's easy to machine and offers great dimensional stability. It can be thermoformed after drying and you can paint it with ease. You can glue pieces of it together with a good solvent glue. The hard transparent coat that protects it delivers enhanced weatherability, good chemical resistance, and excellent resistance to abrasion, which is why it's often used in vulnerable high traffic areas like bus shelters, police stations, doctors surgeries and detention centres.

Key Features

– One of the strongest plastics in existence
– As much as 5 times lighter than glass and 290 times stronger
– Great optical clarity lets 90% of the light through
– Incredibly tough, very stiff– Easy to fabricate
– Thermoforms well when dry
– For high impact applications, it's better than acrylic sheeting
– Brake formable up to 0.100 inch thick
– Bonds perfectly with a good solvent glue
– Bullet resistant at certain thicknesses
– Can be drilled with ease
– UV, fire and abrasion resistant - complies with British and European fire regulations
– Comes in a multitude of thicknesses
– Twin and multiwall versions available
– Use bronze polycarbonate for less transparency when you want privacy

Use opal (opaque) sheeting to diffuse light completely, letting in light while preventing people from seeing in.


–Transparent manifolds
– Safety glasses
– Semiconductor parts
– Name plates and signage
Greenhouses, carports and conservatories
– Roofing and trims
– Bus shelters and security windows
– Machine guards
– Point-of-purchase displays
– As a replacement for glass in buildings, for example skylights

Technical Specifications

Technical Specification coming soon.

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