Plate Rack

Using perfectly clear acrylic that won’t detract from the designs and colours of the plates you want to display, acrylic plate racks are the idea way to show off products. Acrylic is a durable and stable material that will hold up to knocks and impact for years without showing wear and tear. The clear plate rack has been designed in such a way as to display the plates at a slight angle, making the designs and patterns as clear and visible as possible to customers. A contemporary addition to any home or store, the style of these plate racks is minimalistic yet stylish and will stand out for all the right reasons, wherever you choose to use them. The robust stands can hold plates of all different sizes, providing a secure display that won’t fall over and risk causing any damage to the products. These plate racks are a great choice for a range of different settings, from display new product ranges in retail spaces, to using as plate storage in cafés or restaurants, or even just to display your crockery in a more appealing way at home. They can also be used for events or parties as a way of storing plates for guests to use.

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