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Neutral Cure Silicone

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A one-component sealant, neutral cure silicone can be used for most building, construction and glazing applications. It’s almost completely odourless and cures with atmospheric moisture to form a durable rubber seal that can withstand movement and is long-lasting. Neutral cure silicone sealants have better adhesive properties for plastics and polycarbonate, so they’re a popular choice when working with acrylic sheeting.

Silicone sealants can be used for a wide variety of applications thanks to their strong UV resistance, temperature resistance, flexibility and durability. Some silicone sealants can have a strong odour as a result of the acetic acid in them, but neutral cure silicone releases alcohol instead of acid so it’s virtually odourless.

While neutral cure silicone can cure at a slower speed than some other silicones, depending on the temperature, humidity and thickness, they’re a great choice for materials where an alkoxy or acetoxy substance might react to the material, causing discolouration or erosion. If you’re working on outdoor applications, such as greenhouses or roofing, neutral cure silicone is a better choice as it offers better adhesion and weatherproofing properties compared to acetoxy silicones.

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