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Microfibre Cloth

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Microfibre cloths are the ideal method for cleaning and maintaining the appearance of acrylic products. They offer better absorbency than cotton cloths and work by lifting and trapping dirt and moisture, to leave the surface clean, dry and polished without the need for chemicals.

Ordinary cleaning cloths are made from cotton or synthetic fibres which are larger, whereas microfibre cloths have far more fibres for the same sized surface area and are much smaller. Microfibre cloths work by attaching themselves to even the smallest, microscopic dirt particles – ones which regular cloth fibres miss completely. The dirt particles cling to the microfibre cloth through adhesive forces that magnify the overall sticking effect of the cloth.

The nature of acrylic means it’s not suited to regular chemical cleaners and the result of using them can actually lead to your acrylic items deteriorating in quality. However, plastics are also static and keeping them clean from dust can be tricky. For this reason, acrylic glass should be cleaned regularly using just enough warm water to dampen a microfibre cloth. This is enough to keep the surface of your acrylic applications dust-free, polished and glossy, and free from scratches.

If they’re kept clean, microfibre cloths will continue to keep on cleaning hygienically for a considerable amount of time. Studies have shown that these reusable clothes even improve in performance after 75 washes and can be washed up to 400 times, making them a cost-effective option too. Because they pick up so much dirt, they need to be cleaned more thoroughly than normal cleaning cloths. It’s best practice to boil a microfibre cloth in a pan as opposed to washing them with regular detergents to ensure that they’re fully clean and that all the dirt has been removed from the surface. This will maintain their quality so they’ll continue to make light work of cleaning tasks.