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Magnetic Secondary Glazing System

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The Magnetic Secondary Glazing Pro system is a magnet-based method for quick installation and easy removal of secondary glazing sheets. It can be removed in summer when it’s no longer needed and then reinstalled quickly in the colder months when you want to keep your home insulated. The system comes in a choice of brown or white and in lengths of 1m – it is complete with the magnetic and steel tapes, as well as a PVC finishing surround for a more professional look that hides the tape beneath the pane.

How Does the Magnetglaze Secondary Glazing Pro System Work?

The Magnetglaze Secondary Glazing Pro works in tandem with acrylic sheeting to provide a secure but easily removable alternative to traditional double glazing. Acrylic is much lighter than glass but provides the same optical clarity and is far stronger, so it’s a safer option. The system works by using magnetic tape which is fitted to the window frame and attaches to steel tape which is affixed to your acrylic pane. This provides a quick and cost-effective solution to heat loss and noise pollution, as well as instant access to the window below when you need it. We recommend using 2mm acrylic, although 3mm and 4mm should be used on larger windows for more support and rigidity.


How is Magnetglaze Secondary Glazing Pro Installed?

The Magnetic Secondary Glazing Pro system can be installed easily, even by DIY novices, and all you need is a pair of scissors and a tape measure to get started. Measure the inside of your window frame for your measurements and add 25mm for the size of acrylic panel you’ll need. Cut the black magnetic tape and fit to your acrylic sheet, then hold the pane up to the window so you can draw around it. Cut and stick the white steel tape to the window frame, just inside of your pencil marks, then lift the pane and fix into place. Finally, the PVC finishing cap can be put on top to hide the tape beneath and provide a more professional result.