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Magnetglaze Magnetic Secondary Glazing Tape

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Magnetglaze is an easy-to-remove tape that allows you to affix sheets of acrylic to your windows for a cost effective and simple secondary glazing alternative to traditional double glazing. We sell Magnetglaze in lengths of 1m – it is best used with acrylic sheets of between 2mm and 4mm in thickness, which are no bigger than 1m2.  For larger or heavier sheets, we recommend using Magnetglaze Extreme tape.

Magnetglaze provides effective noise insulation and instant access to the window beneath, as well as helping to keep the heat in. Although unobtrusive, the secondary glazing delivers great aesthetic qualities thanks to the Magnetglaze tape and is functional as well.

How is Magnetglaze Magnetic Tape Used?

Magnetglaze is a really effective product that’s incredibly easy to use. The steel and magnetic tapes come in coils which can be cut at the required measurement for your window. Measure the window and frame up to the point that the inside edge of the steel tape will be placed on the window surround to give you a vertical and horizontal measurement – ensure there’s a minimum 20mm mounting surface on all edges of your window before you begin. Then add 25mm to your measurements for the size of acrylic sheet you’ll need.

Once you’ve measured the length you need and cut the specific amount of tape, clean and degrease the window frame using an appropriate preparation wipe or cleaner and then stick the black magnetic tape into position on the sheet. Hold the panel onto the window frame so it overlaps equally on all sides. Draw a pencil line around the sides of the sheet onto the frame and cut the white metal strip to fit this, sticking it into place just inside of the pencil marks. You can then clip the sheet into place.

Can Magnetglaze Be Used with Other Products?

Although Magnetglaze works well on its own, it can also be enhanced further with plastic capping or with other Magnetglaze products, such as the Magnetglaze Secondary Glazing System. If you’re installing secondary glazing on a larger window, we recommend either doubling up on the tape you use on the glazing panel or putting a few screws directly under the panel to support the weight and prevent the risk of slippage of the magnets.