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Magnetglaze Extreme Magnetic Secondary Glazing Tape

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Magnetglaze Extreme Magnetic Tape is designed specifically for larger acrylic panels and particularly draughty windows where extra grip is required. This additional support is provided via 25mm magnets and steel which combats the weight and impact of high winds. The Magnetglaze Extreme tape is sold in 1m lengths and is a stronger version of the standard Magnetglaze Magnetic Tape, which is better suited to smaller panes.

This is an effective product for installing secondary glazing using acrylic sheeting and also works well to insulate the home and keep outside noise at bay. On an aesthetic level, the tape is unobtrusive and can be made even smarter by using a finishing trim as well.

How is Magnetglaze Extreme Magnetic Tape Used?

Magnetglaze Extreme tape is easy to use and comes in coils of adhesive steel and magnetic strips which can be cut down to size easily. Measure your window frame to the point where the inside edge of the steel tape will be placed on the window surround for your vertical and horizontal measurements (be sure to check there’s a 20mm minimum mounting surface on all edges before starting the installation process). Add 25mm to these measurements for the size of acrylic panel you’ll require.

Clean the surface you’ll be affixing the tape to, to make sure it has been fully degreased, and then stick the magnetic take into position on your acrylic pane. Hold the panel over the frame and draw around the sides so you know where to fix the metal strip to – place it just inside of your pencil markings. The sheet can then be clipped into place over the top.

Can Magnetglaze Be Used with Other Products?

Magnetglaze Extreme tape looks great on its own, but you may prefer to use a finishing tape alongside the magnetic tape which will mask the cut edge of the sheet and the tape, if required. This can be mitred to give a more professional finish.