When you’re working out at the gym or rehearsing at the dance studio, it’s important to be able to see clearly what you are doing to make sure you’re getting it right. Traditional glass mirrors would be incredibly heavy, hard to install and could easily be broken when heavy equipment was being moved. Not only would such accidents be costly, but they would be dangerous and a great inconvenience too, as not having your mirror would mean not being able to practice.

The perfect solution is to use mirrored acrylic sheet as a fitness centre mirror or dance studio mirror. Not only is plastic a far cheaper, but just as effective option, it is lightweight, flexible (making it easier to install) and far less likely to be damaged if struck. In fact, acrylic mirrors are anything up to seventeen times as impact resistant as glass, and if it does break, it only cracks, instead of shattering, making acrylic (Perspex® alternative) sheeting is not only far safer but less inconvenient if it does get broken.

Gym and Dance Studio Mirrors

Because our mirrored acrylic is lightweight and flexible, it’s a really great option to use as a gym mirror. It can be quickly installed in almost any space without the use of special equipment or tools, so whether you’re fitting out a new gym that you intend to use as a new business or simply putting together a home workout room, all you need do is contact us with your specific measurements, including details of any holes you require for power points, electrics or plumbing and we will cut and deliver your new gym mirror anywhere in the country.

Likewise, if you’re setting up a dance studio to teach classes or you want a ballet mirror for your own home then ordering a cheap, practical, lightweight, shatter-resistant large dance mirror from Cut My Plastic is the perfect choice for you. With our plastic mirrors you can get a much larger mirror for the price of a much smaller glass mirror which is far safer and easier to handle.

The safety aspect of using plastic mirrors instead of glass dance or fitness centre mirrors cannot be overstated if you’re intending to teach dance or gym classes, either from your own home or business premises. Large standing sheets of glass, if not properly installed, create a health and safety nightmare. Instead of running that risk, using modern plastic alternatives for wall mirrors is the ideal solution. Any trips, knocks or other accidents that result in a member of your class coming into contact with your mirrors are unlikely to result in anything more serious than a bruise.