Why You Need a Kitchen Splashback


Kitchen splashbacks are popular these days especially when they give your kitchen a modern look. They can be made from a wide range of materials like glass, stainless steel, granite, or other glossy materials. They also do not cost as much. If you are looking for cheaper ways to make your kitchen look sleek, then this is a great option to consider.

However, kitchen splashbacks are more than just decoration for your kitchen. They are also functional since their main purpose is to protect the walls from splashes from cooking. They can be placed on any wall on your kitchen as well.

Splashbacks serve other purposes like:

  • They can brighten your kitchen by - reflecting more light
  • They can be arranged and designed depending on the owner's preferences
  • They give your kitchen a modern and sophisticated look in a cheaper price

What should a kitchen splashback have?

In order to serve its function and design well, good kitchen splashbacks should have the following features:

  • They should be heat resistant up to at least 220C
  • They should be easy to be maintained and cleaned
  • They should not get mouldy when they are cleaned from splashes of dirt
  • They should not need scrubbing even after they are stained especially at group joints

As mentioned earlier, kitchen splashbacks can be made from different materials, but the best materials are manufactured using UV-stable technology. With this technology, your kitchen splashbacks can last for a great number of years.

There is a new high gloss material called Zenolite. Zenolite is a high impact material which can be a cheaper alternative to back-painted glass. It is tough, around 25 times tougher than glass, yet is only half the weight of glass. Zenolite kitchen splashbacks also have a ten-year indoor UV warranty and are easily installed on your kitchen walls.

We supply a wide range of good quality materials for kitchen splashbacks to kitchen companies across the UK. You can contact us to know more about Zenolite or other materials that can best fit your needs for your kitchen.