How to Build a Children’s Playhouse


Every kid would love to have their own playhouse. Buying a ready-made playhouse can be costly, so we hope that this article can help you in giving your child the best play experience without shelling out too much money. All you need is to add light colors plus extra features like a small garden or a sand box and your children can already have fun at your playhouse.

All you need to do is buy a playhouse kit and the materials would be included in the box. To ensure your children’s safety when playing, buy non-toxic wood treatments in coating the surfaces of the playhouse and buy acrylic windows that are not as fragile as glass ones. If you are planning on building it on your backyard, make sure that there is a sturdy and flat base where the playhouse can be set. Already attach the windows to the unbuilt structure.

Tip: Use a builder’s square to ensure that all the corners of the playhouse are right angles.

The following steps will help you create your playhouse:

  • Position the base of the playhouse on a sturdy and flat area. Afterwards, start attaching the ends of the sides to the floorboards. A builder’s square can aid you in ensuring that the corners are at 90° angles. Using 40mm nails, place the roof support block on top of the sides. The roof panels are put using the same procedure.
  • Align the structure and hammer it down to the floorboards using 40mm nails that are evenly-spaced all throughout the sides. This is to secure the side walls to the structure. When the playhouse comes with a small veranda, position the floorboard a little bit before the front of the playhouse.
  • Nail the veranda rails in place by attaching it to the facade of the playhouse. Nail it also down to the floor with evenly-spaced screws. Do not forget to countersink the screws.
  • Once the sides are finished, you may start fastening the roof of the playhouse. To put the roof felt in place, hold a piece of timber where the end of the felt meets the edges of the front eave. Using a sharp knife, cut straight from the corner of the felt to the corner of the edge of the roof. Do this on all sides.
  • Fold the flap beneath the edge of the roof and nail it. Fold all sides as well.
  • Next is to nail the fascia in place to the gable ends. Use at least two nails per part. If the playhouse is set on a deck, put more screw on the playhouse to avoid it from sliding. To keep it more secure, drill 100mm screws through the floorboards in the playhouse.
  • Finally, when you’ve made sure that the structure is intact and put in place, put wood preservative on the walls of the playhouse. You may also paint it with bright colors inside and out.